.@BxAGaming signs @Argenrost and @Y_oungskywalker into their FGC roster

Today, Broken Alliance has signed John "@Argenrost" Martin as the next addition to their fighting game roster.

Originally a Divekick enthusiast, Argenrost will be representing the organization in two of the latest tag fighters to hit the FGC this year, specifically Dragonball FighterZ and BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, the latter of which is set to release in America on June 5th.

In 2015, Argenrost swept through Combo Breaker and Frosty Faustings to become the Divekick champion, while also taking Top 8 finishes in Under Night In-Birth at both events. He has also appeared in Top 8 for Killer Instinct and Under Night In-Birth at Final Round 2015 in Atlanta GA.

Along with Argenrost, Broken Alliance is also welcoming an upcoming competitor known as @Y_oungskywalker. His talents lie in Bandai Namco's legendary 3D fighter, Tekken 7.

As both players reside in Orlando FL, it is incredibly likely that we will be seeing both of them in action at CEO 2018, which will be taking place at Daytona's Ocean Center on the weekend of June 29 - July 1st. Argenrost has also confirmed his attendance for Combo Breaker 2018, which is coming up this weekend in Illinois.

Congratulations to Broken Alliance for such solid acquisitions! We wish them all the best.

Who is Broken Alliance? It was initially opened in 2006 as a community that had the goal of ensuring that its player felt right at home. The team specialized in the Gears of War franchise, competing in online and LAN events for its first entry. In 2014, they took the next step towards becoming a full-fledged esports organization, expanding into other titles and consoles such as Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros., Tekken and so on.

Broken Alliance is primarily stationed in North America, and it is not clear if they have any plans to sign players from other countries at this time. Their players are regularly sighted at events of all varieties, locals and majors alike. For further updates on BxA, follow their Twitter and website.

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