.@EpicGames will provide $100,000,000 for @FortniteGame prize pools!

Today, Epic Games dropped an announcement that stirred up shockwaves throughout all corners of esports. The company is dropping $100,000,000 in total for prize pools going towards its creation: Fortnite.

Yes. You read the number correctly. $100,000,000.

As stated in this blog post by Epic Games, the company plans to take a unique approach in backing their product for competitive play. Since the release of Fortnite, it has practically exploded among the esports scene, amassing a following that either rivals or far outstrips that of other known battle royale titles.

Fortnite was initially released as a paid-for early access title in July 2017, and a full release is expected later this year. The title was made available on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms (not on Steam). It has since been nominated at multiple festivals for its impressive multiplayer, gameplay, visual effects and so on. Examples include SXSW 2018 Gaming Awards, The Game Awards 2017, D. I. C. E. Awards, 14th British Academy Games Awards and so on.

With the game having received such a strong embrace from gamers everywhere, Epic Games is taking initiative to further promote it in today's era of esports. They have yet to release a list of events that will feature a portion of their enormous prize pool, along with the competitive structures to be followed, but they plan to release such details in the coming weeks.

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Xbox Store - Fortnite
PC Version - Fortnite

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