Pools for Combo Breaker 2018 (#CB2018) are now LIVE

Time sure flies.

Only months ago did the FGC begin discussion on one of the biggest events to impact them annually: Combo Breaker 2018. It is scheduled to take place this weekend (May 25-27) at the Mega Center in Illinois, located nearby the Pheasant Run Resort.

The event attracts competitors not just from North America but from around the entire globe. However, 2018 marks the first year where players from every state in the USA have signed up to become part of an unforgettable experience. Yes, that includes Hawaii and Alaska.

Added together with the other regions, that's over four-thousand entrants attending Combo Breaker. And that's not even counting those planning to attend as spectators instead of competitors. Since the event was founded in 2015, growth of the audience for CB has continued to see upward spikes with each year, but it was not until 2017 that multiple media outlets, including those not specializing in esports, began to take notice of the increasing interest in competitive gaming.

Combo Breaker's lineup features approximately twenty games this year, and as of last weekend, brackets for each and every one of them have gone live. Bear in mind, however, that these will not be finalized until Tuesday, May 22nd (tomorrow).

You can visit smash.gg/combo-breaker-2018 to get a look at the names of players that will be in attendance this weekend.

While entrant counts for a handful of the titles returning from last year have decreased, more have seen a dramatic upsurge in interest. An excellent example is Tekken 7, which went from 180 entrants in 2017 to over 470 this year. Street Fighter V also makes its return with around 675 entrants, with new characters added into the fray and a slew of balance changes in effect.

What's most impressive to note is that this year marks the debut of Dragonball FighterZ at Combo Breaker. Since the beginning of registration, it has amassed almost 740 entrants overall, thus making it the most popular tournament game at CB. For those unaware, Combo Breaker is also considered a last chance qualifier for a DBFZ invitational called Summit of Power, to which fifteen players have already been invited to participate for around $25,000 in cash. The winner of Combo Breaker's DBFZ bracket will be the sixteenth player to be welcomed to the Summit.

Combo Breaker is also considered a Premier Event for the Capcom Pro Tour 2018 circuit, a Master Event for the Tekken World Tour 2018 circuit, and the first event to kick off the second season of the long-awaited Injustice 2 Pro Series. In addition, Killer Instinct will feature a $15,000 pot bonus provided by the Kilgore Community Fund, which ties directly into the KI Ultra Tour by Microsoft.

The stakes have never been higher at Combo Breaker. Come this Friday, get ready for match outcomes that will shock the entire FGC.

In addition to pools, a full-length tournament schedule for the event has been uploaded. You can check it out here so as to plan your weekend accordingly, in case you will not be able to make it but wish to tune in to the festivities.

Our thanks go out to Gaming Generations, @TheHadou, and all third parties cooperating with them to bring you the best Combo Breaker yet!

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