Team @BrainlessHQ signs Smash 4 player @emgee282

Today, a new player has joined the Smash 4/Wii-U roster for Brainless eSports: Matt "emgee" Gonzalez!

emgee has been a longtime competitor for Smash 4 since one month after its initial launch for the Wii-U and 3DS in November 2014. He commands multiple characters, but seems to favor one of the DLC fighters, Corrin, as his weapon of choice. Hailing from the state of Georgia, he's been sighted regularly at statewide locals along with out-of-state events, such as Kumite in Tennessee.

Events he's recently attended include DreamHack Atlanta 2017, Momocon 2017 and Final Round 2017, and he's finished in the upper echelon of placements out of hundreds of Smash 4 participants at all three events. For the 2018 season, emgee has Combo Breaker 2018 looming ahead of him this weekend, and he also has plans to continue his competitive streak with the release of the new Smash Bros game on Nintendo Switch this year.

As a player for Brainless eSports, emgee will be representing the organization alongside other Smash 4 players. These players include @BL_JKid, @1EsMod, @Tran_ssb and @LilBigham_Smash, all of whom have shown incredible promise along with their new teammate.

Many congratulations to emgee and to Brainless eSports for the new signing! With the 2018-2019 season upon us, the organization continues to move ahead with further additions to their staff and lineup. For further updates, you can follow @BrainlessHQ on Twitter and their official website.

What is Brainless? The organization started as a Call of Duty team that amassed a strong record for itself in recent years. They have since begun an expansion into different titles and genres, including Fortnite, Counter-Strike, Smash 4, Street Fighter V, Rainbow Six Siege, and Splatoon 2. Other than players, content creators and active streamers are included within their ranks. The group is primarily stationed in North America.

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