Open Beta for @H1Z1 on #PS4 is LIVE and FREE to download

Yesterday, the popular battle royale title, H1Z1, found its way to the Playstation 4 as an open beta that is not only available for download, but also free to play. An official release is scheduled for later in the year, as well as an adjusted version for the Xbox One console.

H1Z1 for PS4 has been re-designed to suit the needs of PS4 players so as to make for a smoother experience on console. Such a process included tweaks for the user interface, a grab-and-go equipment system, the addition of a radial weapon menu, etc. Adjustments to the PS4 version will continue to be implemented while H1Z1 remains in open beta status.

You can pick up H1Z1 for the PlayStation 4 right now at this page.

If you're eager to provide feedback on the PS4 version, be sure to tune in to the H1Z1 Pro League tonight at 7 Pacific Time. The league is entering into the sixth week of its first season tonight, and the season will continue for another nine weeks afterward.

What is H1Z1? Developed by Daybreak Games, it is a free-to-play battle royale title that has quickly spawned into a notable icon in the esports scene. It started as an early access title for Microsoft Windows in 2015 and eventually split off into two separate titles: H1Z1 Just Survive and H1Z1 King of the Hill. Later in 2017, the first game dropped the H1Z1 label to become simply Just Survive, whereas the latter dropped its King of the Hill subtitle to become the H1Z1 game that we know today.

The game has been featured on national television via CW Seed's H1Z1: Fight for the Crown in April 2017. Also, the H1Z1 Pro League was announced via a partnership between Twin Galaxies and Daybreak Games in efforts of creating an eSports league that puts the needs of players ahead of everything else. It takes place at a special arena provided by Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pro League is scheduled to continue tonight at 7 Pacific Time and can be seen at

PC gamers seeking to indulge in some H1Z1 may visit here to download it.

What is the H1Z1 Pro League? It is an eSports league for H1Z1, created via a partnership between Twin Galaxies and Daybreak Games, the latter of which is responsible for the game's development. Every Wednesday, fifteen teams, with five players per team, meet in a LAN event to compete with one another in an effort to obtain league points. The event premiered near the end of April and takes place at an arena provided by Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas.

Each season of the H1Z1 Pro League is divided into two splits, and each split contains up to ten events. All teams will compete with one another to obtain league points, and at the end of the season, the winning team will be crowned the champion. All brackets are cast live via the Pro League's Facebook page.

For more information on the Pro League, visit

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