Patch Notes for @FantasyStrike May 2018 Update

Fantasy Strike, an indie fighting game developed by Playing To Win author David Sirlin, received a balance update today.

This update implements a new visual effect called "animation smears," which creates the illusion of movement by depicting motion blurs within key frames. It's not unlike the "Motion Blur" option that was added to Killer Instinct during its Season 2 days by Iron Galaxy, who'd taken over development after its original developer, Double Helix, was bought out by Amazon.

Speaking of graphics, those were improved for the "Wall of Truth" stage as well. In addition to this animation adjustment, balance changes and bug fixes were put into effect.

All the patch notes can be reviewed at this blog post on the Fantasy Strike official website.

Fantasy Strike is an amazing fighting game that has been embraced strongly by the FGC, particularly after a confirmation that it would be making its way to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles later this year. Its controls are easy to pick up from a beginner's perspective, but the more advanced techniques will demand commitment and patience from those playing the game. As of now, you can buy the game on Steam (PC) for only $19.99.

Fantasy Strike is developed by Sirlin Games, which is led by David Sirlin (@Sirlin), author to his legendary entry Playing To Win which describes a winner's mentality intricately. Before Sirlin Games was founded in 2005, David Sirlin served as lead designer for Capcom's Street Fighter HD Remix and Puzzle Fighter HD Remix, along with Kongai by

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