John Peter Bain a.k.a. @TotalBiscuit passes away at age 33

It is with great sadness that we report the death of John Peter Bain, who was also known by his Internet alias @TotalBiscuit. He passed away at the age of 33, after an exhausting battle against cancer.

Born in the United Kingdom, Mr. Bain eventually relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina in the midst of his accelerating career. From 2005 to 2010, he ran a fan-made radio station called World of Warcraft Radio, which eventually attracted the attention of the World of Warcraft publisher, Blizzard Entertainment. In 2005, he was invited directly to Blizzcon, which took place in California, to provide coverage of the event. It was there that he would meet @GennaBain, his future wife and fellow YouTube personality.

Bain is primarily recognized for his content creation on YouTube, where his channel has amassed over two million subscribers. He regularly shared his first impressions on indie games as they were released, along with occasional playthroughs, and he became recognized for the "tone of authority" conveyed by his voiceovers. In 2010, he was unfortunately laid off from his job at a financial advisory company, an occasion that coincided with the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. This prompted Bain to flood YouTube with gameplay videos that included his voiceovers.

As his reputation on YouTube became widespread, he was approached by a Starcraft 2 commentator named @HuskyStarcraft, who invited Bain to a network of gaming channels called The Game Station. The network would eventually be re-branded as Polaris.

His health troubles began in 2014 when he was first diagnosed with cancer. Immediately the chemotherapy treatments commenced, and by April 2015, CT scans confirmed that the cancer had gone into remission. Unfortunately, by October 2015, the cancer had transferred to his liver and was confirmed to be inoperable. This heart-wrenching news led him to announce the end of his eSports team called Axiom, and also to distance himself from social media as 2016 began.

For almost two years, his condition was deemed "stable" as the cancer had not been eliminated but was not progressing either. By November 22, 2017, he tweeted that his chemotherapy had ceased to work, and that the growth of his cancer had begun again. He was later hospitalized in April 2018 for severe back pain, a side-effect of the cancer having grown so much that it was putting pressure onto his spine. At that point, the cancer had become completely immune to treatment.

Bain announced his retirement from game criticism videos on YouTube in light of this saddening news, but he chose to continue his Co-Optional podcast that he was hosting alongside his wife Genna. In the event of his death, she would take over the podcast.

Just hours ago, Genna shared a Twitter post confirming the death of her beloved husband.

We, along with the gaming community as a whole, are incredibly saddened by this loss, and we send our deepest condolences to Ms. Bain, along with all of her friends and family.

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