More DLC incoming for @TEKKEN 7?! Interview with @Harada_TEKKEN by @TekkenGamercom

The Tekken franchise has been spiraling upwards into stardom in recent years, and with incredibly good reason.

The legendary 3D fighting franchise by Bandai Namco has seen up to nine iterations in total, two of which revolve around a tag-based series (Tekken Tag 1 and Tekken Tag 2). Tekken 7, the seventh entry which places a focus on one-versus-one combat, was first released in Japanese arcades back in 2015, and a content update would follow a year later with a subtitle, "Fated Retribution." The console version would not see the light of day until June 2, 2017, when it was released for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, along with a PC version.

While the series continues to cater to the legacy curve that it has followed since its first entry, its development team has taken steps to make their franchise more accessible to newcomers, without punishing the veterans by any means. To this end, two new mechanics, Rage Arts and Power Crush, were introduced into Tekken 7, along with a series of original characters, such as Shaheen and Lucky Chloe.

The game has not only met the expectations of its management team, but also surpassed them. By the end of 2017, over three million copies had been sold worldwide, digitally and physically. With the release of Tekken 7, it quickly became one of the biggest hits among the fighting game community, as evidenced by its consistently stacked turnouts at tournaments across the globe. In fact, the Tekken community delivered on a new record in its turnout for EVO 2017 with a player count of 1,286, the highest number it has ever reached since the series was inducted into the EVO lineup.

The growth of the Tekken community has sparked the creation of a circuit known as the Tekken World Tour, which would see its first run just last year. Up to sixteen of the world's best Tekken 7 players met for the TWT Finals in San Francisco, where UYU qudans was crowned the Tekken 7 World Champion after a grueling trek through Loser's Bracket. He and his Devil Jin would deliver a series of astounding sequences that would topple even the two players regarded as the best of the best: Echo Fox JDCR and Echo Fox Saint.

The circuit is now continuing with its second yearly run this year. Combo Breaker 2018, which begins tomorrow in Illinois, is regarded as a Master event in the Tekken World Tour, which means that league points will be at an all-time high for approximate 500 competitors that will be in attendance. In addition, Red Bull Esports is supporting Tekken 7, along with Street Fighter V, via its ongoing series called Red Bull Conquest.

We are now about ten days away from celebrating the first anniversary of Tekken 7's lifespan since its arrival to consoles and PC. The game's first bout of DLC content reached its completion this spring with the release of Noctis Lucis Caelum, the protagonist of the much-loved Final Fantasy XV by Square Enix. Fans had always clamored for a collaboration of some kind, but were not entirely certain if the developers would deliver...until Noctis's reveal at the TWT finals last year. Along with Noctis, Geese Howard from Fatal Fury made his entrance in the winter of 2017.

So the question is...what else lies in store for Tekken 7?

This week, TekkenGamer sat down with Katsuhiro Harada, the lead director and producer of the Tekken franchise, to reflect back on the journey undertaken by the game's creators and its community.

While we won't copy and paste all of the interview in this article, as it is preferred you read it at the original source, we will share a section of the discussion that has caught quite an amount of particular, the section where Harada expresses his confidence that a second bout of DLC is all but imminent for Tekken 7.

Read below and enjoy!

TekkenGamer: Now that we’ve reached the end of all things promised in the Season Pass, is there a possibility of more DLC with new stages and characters? Is there a Season Pass 2 around the corner?

Katsuhiro Harada: Tekken 7 sales have met expectations of both management and shareholders, so I believe we have enough good will to ask for further investment from them. So, yes, I think it is safe to expect more to come!

TekkenGamer: That’s good enough for me! Tekken fans have also made a lot of feature requests since the games release. Are there plans there as well?

Katsuhiro Harada: There is probably more information coming out when this interview drops…

TekkenGamer: As you are well aware, Tekken 7 is coming up on its one year anniversary. As you look over the past year, or even before that with development, are there some things you would change or do differently?

Katsuhiro Harada: Tough question. Of course, there are a lot of things that we aren’t content with, but as far as major decisions made, I think if it were the wrong choice, our game could have suffered the same fate as many other fighting games that have disappeared or haven’t seen an update in quite some time. That didn’t happen to Tekken. In fact, we still have the top position with the most copies sold to date, so I wouldn’t want to change that outcome.

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Tekken 7 - Steam Store

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