Cody joins the #SFVAE Roster on June 26th. Reveal Trailer features @KennyOmegamanX

The next cast member for Street Fighter V's Season 3 roster is the Mayor of Metro City - Cody Travers! Once a street thug now turned mayor, Cody still finds time to throw down in some good ol' fashioned street fighting, and SFV will be no different.

He will join the roster on June 26th, with a moveset that partly resembles that of his previous counterparts but with some adjustments thrown in to accommodate his new style of gameplay. For instance, players who dabbled in Street Fighter 4 may remember his previous ability to throw rocks at his opponent. That is no longer a thing in Street Fighter V...well, at least until you pop his second V Trigger in battle!

To learn more about Cody's moveset, check out this blog post at Capcom Unity. You'll get the scoop on both his V Triggers, his V Skill, his Critical Art and his extra costumes, all of which will add some flair.

Also...when you watch Cody's reveal trailer below (which debuted at Combo Breaker last night), you may be pleasantly surprised by the beginning segment. In case you were wondering: YES, the actor playing Cody is none other than Kenny Omega himself!

An absolutely amazing move on part of Capcom and Kenny Omega to add some spice to their returning character, who happens to be Kenny's favorite as well!

Season 3 pass holders will gain instant access to Cody when they next log in to SFV on June 26th, but he will also be available in a pre-release setup that will be featured at E3 2018. E3 takes place in Los Angeles CA on June 12-14 and will feature hundreds of developers, Capcom included, meeting with attendants to share plans for their current and future products.

With Cody's release, that leaves two cast members awaiting their addition via Season 3: Sagat and the mysterious G. Given the order Capcom has followed in terms of releasing their characters, it appears that G is next in line to be released. Stay tuned to @StreetFighter on Twitter, as well as our blog, for updates!

Street Fighter V is currently available for Playstaiton 4 and PC.

P.S. Planning to attend CEO 2018 at Daytona Beach's Ocean Center next month? Kenny Omega will be there, along with fifteen other hotshot wrestling icons, to participate in a live wrestling event brought to you by New Japan Pro-Wrestling! For more details, check out this article.

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