Final Player for #DBFZ Invitational #SummitofPower confirmed to be @fenritti

As of last night, the final player for the Summit of Power DBFZ invitational has been locked in.

Out of about 750 entrants, seven of the Top 8 for Combo Breaker's Dragonball FighterZ finals consisted of players already qualified for the Summit. The only one who had yet to do so was a competitor allied with Dogura and GO13151 under the Cyclops banner: @fenritti!

fenritti finished in 7th at Combo Breaker, but with the qualified players all placing above him, he became the 16th player to be welcomed into the Summit. Sincerest congratulations go out to him for this achievement!

Now that Combo Breaker has reached its conclusion, we have the full list of players locked in for the Summit of Power. It is as follows:

- Echo Fox SonicFox
- Echo dekillsage
- Cyclops GO1
- Cyclops Dogura
- NRG HookGangGod
- Lord Knight
- CLN Yohosie
- UYU Cloud805
- PG Nakkiel
- EG NYChrisG
- ApologyMan
- Reynald
- TSM Leffen
- GGP Kazunoko
- Ponos Moke
- Cyclops fenritti

These sixteen players will compete live on stream for the right to be called the best Dragonball FighterZ player in the world AND their share of a prize pool amounting up to approximately $25,000. This prize pool was made possible by the voting campaign that would add up to five players to the Summit's lineup, along with BTS's base contribution of $10,000.

The official bracket has yet to be finalized, but should appear at when it is prepared.

As Echo Fox SonicFox was just crowned the DBFZ champion at Combo Breaker, after an impressive victory over his rival GO1, he appears to be fully primed to take his domination to the Summit. Will he succeed, or will GO1 take back his throne? Or...will the throne be passed to another?

We recommend following our blog and @BeyondTheSummit on Twitter for updates on the Summit of Power! Good luck to all the competitors attending!

If you'd like to catch up on the DBFZ finals at Combo Breaker, Team Spooky has prepared a complete playlist of all the Top 8 matches. Check it out here.

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