Quasimodo Reveal Trailer for #OmenOfSorrow

As Combo Breaker ran its course in Illinois last weekend, the FGC was pleasantly surprised by a new reveal trailer for a new character in an upcoming fighting game called Omen of Sorrow.

The new Omen character has been confirmed to be the Watcher himself - Quasimodo. In his trailer below, you see him taking on opponents in an arena that resembles the legendary cathedral he guards. An instance of an environmental interaction (much like the Injustice 2 interactables) seems to be included in the gameplay clip.

Quasimodo appears to be a highly mobile character that strikes so fast, you'll miss him if you blink. He even drops a bell onto the arena so that both he and his opponent are encased in a solitary arena, where they must fight in close quarters combat.

Quasimodo will be among a roster of 12 characters players can enjoy in Omen of Sorrow, which will release exclusively as a Playstation 4 title (physical and digital version) later this year. Exact release date has yet to be specified. For further updates, follow @AOneGames and @OmenofSorrow on Twitter, as well as www.aonegames.com.

What is Omen of Sorrow? Developed by a Chilean game company called AOneGames, Omen of Sorrow whisks players away to a land inspired by tales of fantasy, horror and mythology. Twelve fighters will storm the battlefield, each equipped with unique abilities that are sure to turn the tide of battle. Omen of Sorrow will be played in a 2D environment using four-button controls.

In Omen of Sorrow, you'll play with up to twelve characters as you battle against friends online in GGPO netcode, or in local multiplayer. Master combat mechanics that are geared towards strong execution and well-coordinated movement in order to overpower and defeat your foes.

The game was initially revealed last year at the Playstation Experience, and since then, trailers have surfaced on occasion. Keep an eye on their social media and our blog for further updates!

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