Updates for #CellGames: Final Week set for June 2-4 and Season Finale set for June 8th

For those following our Dragonball FighterZ league "Cell Games," we've dropped some important updates for you to note as of today.

First, due to the gradual decrease in turnouts, we have made the decision to cut Weeks 7 and 8 out of the Cell Games league, thereby shortening the season to six weeks. As stated in the past, we will proceed with Week 6, now the final week of the league, this weekend, with finals set to follow on Monday.

In addition, the schedule for the Cell Games Season Finale has been locked in. It will now take place next Friday, June 8th.

To any players who have yet to sign up for Week 6, please visit this link to do so.

As an update on who stands the greatest chance of qualifying for the Season Finale, the following players are currently sitting within the Top 8 of the Cell Games standings.

Cell Games Rankings.png

Given how point distribution works, there still remains the possibility that the Top 8 could undergo an adjustment, though that is more likely to occur for the players sitting in 5th-8th as opposed to the upper echelon. Qualifying for a weekly finals will be the biggest requirement to creating a shift in the balance of power, so competitors will be feeling the pressure going into this showdown.

As always, our Cell Games brackets, the finale included, will be broadcast live via www.stream.me/dbz. Be sure you are following the page with email notifications enabled so that you won't miss out on the end game!

So, what is at stake in the Season Finale? The title of Cell Games Champion and your share of a prize pool amounting up to approximately $3,000! See below for the payout scale.

First Place: $1,000
Second Place: $750
Third Place: $500
Fourth Place: $250
Fifth Place: $150
Seventh Place: $75

We wish the best of luck to all of our Cell Games participants, and also want to take this opportunity to thank the players and you, the viewers, for your support of the series!

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