New Japan Pro-Wrestling comes to #CEO2018 at Daytona Beach this year!

Weeks ago, Alex Jebailey disclosed a piece of news that would send shockwaves throughout the FGC.

By now, you've become accustomed to the reality that Jebailey's trademark major event, Community Effort Orlando (or CEO for short), features a boxing ring where the Top 8 finals of every tournament game run their course. In recent years, we've witnessed amazing stunts taking place inside the ring, such as EG K-Brad's imitation of Stone Cold Steve Austin from WWE, an act that would be acknowledged in a video response made by the true Steve Austin himself.

For 2018, however, CEO has undergone quite a number of changes. For one, the event is being relocated to Daytona's Ocean Center, a 205,000-square foot venue that houses an arena with up to 8,400 seats. Attendants will also be able to enjoy the Ocean Center's neighbors over at the Ocean Walk Village Shoppes, which features an assortment of restaurants, shops and amazing 10-screen theaters.

Also, remember the boxing ring? That's back as well, but this time, it's not only the finalists that will occupy it this year...

In an amazing twist of events, CEO has partnered with NJPW, or New Japan Pro-Wrestling, to invite a number of hotshot wrestling icons over to partake in a live professional wrestling event at the Ocean Center itself!

NJPW is a promotion company that supports wrestling events. Its headquarters are stationed in Nakano, Tokyo. The company was founded back in January 1972 by Antonio Inoki, with Katsuhiko Harada serving as the president since February 2016. It is considered the top wrestling promotion company in Japan, and is in fact on par with the USA's WWE.

They have now partnered with CEO to produce an event called "When Worlds Collide." As of today, you will be able to grab your tickets for a front-row seat at a live wrestling event at CEO. Up to sixteen of the world's established wrestling icons have been invited to bring you your dream match-ups in the sport.

Below is a picture illustrating the wrestling icons that will be featured in "When Worlds Collide," taken from

NJPW Roster.png

Each of these guests was announced via Twitter by @CEOGaming. You may remember Kenny Omega from his previous appearance in CEO 2016, where he took on Xavier Woods not in a wrestling match, but in a live exhibition for Street Fighter V. Well, he's back, and this time, he's got a lot of friends coming along for the ride.

As a throwback to his exhibition with Xavier, see the video below.

"When Worlds Collide" will take place on Friday, June 29th at the Ocean Center itself. Doors are scheduled to open at 7 P.M. Eastern Time, and the actual event will unfold 90 minutes later. If you're a WWE fan yourself, we highly recommend not missing out on this!

If you have already pre-registered for CEO 2018, you should have received an email containing an offer code that will be used to reserve your seat at the Ocean Center. Seats are charged for a minimum of $16 and may go as high as $96. Sales will become available to the public starting tomorrow. All seats will be available for purchase at this link from the Ticketmaster website.

In case you haven't pre-registered, you can do so at The venue fee is currently priced at $65 but will increase to $75 on June 1st. Be advised that registration will close on June 20th.There is on-site registration, but it will be quite costly, so it is recommended that you register ASAP if you have plans to attend.

What is CEO? Founded in 2010, Community Effort Orlando was, as its name suggests, based on a collective effort by the Florida FGC to cultivate and develop its scene in the state. The first CEO took place back in 2010, composed in only three weeks and ending with a resounding success, as the event saw a turnout of over 350 gamers/spectators.

The brand has rapidly evolved since, and eventually it found its temporary home at the Orlando Wyndham Resort. CEO has also spawned sibling events such as Dreamland, Citrus Clash, and CEOtaku, each of which targets different factions in the fighting game community. In recent years, the CEO team, led by Alex Jebailey, has begun forging partnerships with companies like CyberPower and Geico Gaming. It is now recognized as one of the biggest summertime events for the FGC, attracting an increasing number of players from around the entire globe as well as the attention of the Florida media.

In their previous event in 2017, CEO announced its plans to relocate to the Ocean Center, but its sibling events continue to take place at the Wyndham Resort. Whether those events will follow in the footsteps of their predecessor or not remains to be seen.

Enough cannot be said about the magic that is worked at CEO, and we highly recommend it to all players looking to take their competitive efforts offline. For further updates, please follow @CEOGaming and @CEOJebailey on Twitter, as well as

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