New Trailers for @FightingEXLayer highlight Light and Standard Editions plus DLC character, "Hokuto"

This week, three brief trailers for Fighting EX Layer surfaced on the Japanese Playstation YouTube channel. Two of these offer a look at the Light and Standard Editions of the game, while the third shows us a brief glimpse of the first DLC character that will release at a later date after the official launch: Hokuto.

Fighting EX Layer, developed by Arika, is a title that resurrects a forgotten corner of the Street Fighter universe. The game was initially titled Arika EX when it was officially revealed last year as an "April Fool's joke," and it has since been renamed Fighting EX Layer, the spiritual successor to the original Fighting Layer and the Street Fighter EX series.

It brings together a collection of original characters developed by Arika for a fast-paced fighting game that features a new mechanic called the Gougi System, which awards fighters with special abilities when certain conditions are fulfilled mid-match. Other than this new mechanic, Fighting EX Layer retains the mechanics from its predecessor, such as Super Cancels and the ability to run and sidestep.

The game will release in June 2018 as an exclusive digital title for the Playstation 4 console, although Arika has gone on record to state that they may expand the game to PC and/or produce a physical version if sales are satisfactory. The game will release with two versions:

- a Light version, which includes the base roster and five Gougi decks, priced at $39.99
- a Standard version, which includes the base roster and fifteen Gougi decks, priced at $59.99

Also included is a trailer that shows a brief glimpse at Hokuto's capabilities. She is one of two characters that were teased as DLC at the end of Shadowgeist's reveal trailer. The other character has yet to be revealed at this time, as well as Hokuto's release date.

All three trailers can be seen in the Twitter post linked below.

For more updates on the game, follow our blog and @FightingEXLayer on Twitter.

Sources: @iplaywinner and @miharasan

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