Registration Update for #CEO2018: #DBFZ, #SmashBrosWiiU, and #SFVAE in Top 3

With CEO 2018 just a month away, Alex Jebailey has released another update regarding where the lineup stands in terms of registration numbers.

Up to seventeen games will be supported at CEO, which takes place at Daytona's Ocean Center on June 29th. For the first time since the event was founded, up to three non-FGC titles will be featured: DDR Extreme Pro, In The Groove 2 Customs, and Pump It Up Prime 2. All three titles are supported in a series of events called DDR Storm Tournaments, which you can learn more about at this link.

In addition, CEO is the first of three events to be partnered with a brand new series featuring Capcom's latest release title: the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Tournament Series. Each event in the series will feature a classic title from the recently released SF30th Anniversary Collection with a $7,000 pot bonus going out to the Top 8. In this case, CEO's focus will be on Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, which is currently sitting in 10th as far as registration numbers are concerned.

Along with Super Turbo, 3rd Strike will be featured in the lineup, and both will be played via the Anniversary Collection on the Playstation 4.

Along with the SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series, CEO 2018 is proudly affiliated with the following circuits:

- Capcom Pro Tour, Premier Event (Street Fighter V)
- Tekken World Tour, Master Event (Tekken 7)
- Injustice 2 Pro Series, Premier Event (Injustice 2)
- KI Ultra Tour, $15,000 pot bonus (Killer Instinct)

CEO has graciously welcomed attendants from up to 47 states in the USA and thirty different countries from around the globe. Since the event was founded in 2010, its numbers have continued to increase with no signs of stopping. In response to this growth, CEO was relocated to the Ocean Center in the hopes of obtaining more space with which to accommodate their participants, including a grand arena that can seat up to 8,000 viewers.

So where do the numbers stand? While the exact counts have yet to be released, see below for a pair of Twitter posts illustrating how the registration process has run its course since opening.

"Historically, 60% of players sign up the last 2 weeks of registration."

Given this statement by Jebailey...with CEO nearing two-thousand entrants at this time, one has to wonder how fast that number will skyrocket by the time registration closes on June 19th. Equipped with a new venue and attractions, such as the New Japan Pro-Wrestling exhibition scheduled to take place on Day 1 of the event (more on that here), CEO is looking prepared to shatter records once more.

As far as the current Top 3 goes, that title belongs to Dragonball FighterZ, Smash Wii-U and Street Fighter V, in that exact order. It is no shocker that DBFZ is shaping up to be the main attraction, as it achieved a similar status at Combo Breaker just last weekend. However, many have been taken off guard by Smash Wii-U overtaking Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, despite that the game is rapidly approaching the age of half a decade.

Whether these standings will remain this way or not will become clear as we prepare to enter into June 2018, when the FGC tournament season is expected to pick up speed. If you have yet to register yourself, we cannot stress this enough: DO SO. Visit this link to get yourself set up to attend CEO.

Have yet to grab your ticket for the CEO x NJPW event, "When Worlds Collide?" Hit up this page to change that.

To receive further updates on CEO, follow @CEOGaming and @CEOJebailey on Twitter, as well as our blog.

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