Combo Breaker 2018 (#CB2018) Vlog by @HoneyBeeCMNDR

Combo Breaker has come to an end this year, but although we are now one week past it, many are still feeling the fire sparked by its magic.

One example of such a player is Tim "HoneyBee" Commandeur, who has been sponsored by Beast Coast since the launch of Injustice 2. Eventually, the organization decided to complete the set by adding his brother, Matthew "Biohazard" Commandeur, to their ranks.

While the siblings live in Canada, the two have journeyed together to a large number of FGC events in North America. Biohazard even made a huge trek across the globe to Vienna, where he participated in Viennality 2017, an event that was tied to the first season of the Injustice 2 Pro Series. Speaking of the Pro Series, both siblings qualified for the IPS finals, which took place in Los Angeles last year in September.

In addition to their competitive careers, HoneyBee has made a monumental effort to guide his audience through his journey in esports. He now runs a Patreon and YouTube channel, along with one of the most popular NRS-centric streams on the Internet.

While his content primarily includes match footage and tutorials, HoneyBee has decided to venture into new territory by releasing his first video log, which captures his and Biohazard's time at Combo Breaker in the Mega Center in Illinois. The response received by the vlog has since been highly positive.

As competitive video gaming, more regularly known as "esports," crawls into the spotlight cast by the media, many have been found asking the question, "Just what is so amazing about these gaming conventions?"

If you are among those asking yourselves that question, come and immerse yourself into HoneyBee's complete recollection of his weekend at Combo Breaker! We guarantee that you will find it hard to pull your eyes away from the vlog.

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