Maxi makes his return in #SOULCALIBURVI! Watch his reveal trailer.

The next fighter in Soul Calibur VI's lineup has been revealed to be Maxi, the prideful pirate from the Ryukyu Kingdom!

Like much of the known roster, Maxi has been included in the SC lineup for all of the Soul Calibur mainstream titles, along with Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny and Soul Calibur: Unbreakable Soul.

In his gameplay trailer below, you'll see his powerful Shissen Karihadi fighting style in action. Check it out!

With Maxi's reveal, up to thirteen characters, two of them being guests from different franchises, have been confirmed to make their way to the Stage of History later this year. The full list of characters confirmed for SC6 is as follows:

1. Geralt of Rivia (from The Witcher)
2. Grøh
3. Ivy
4. Kilik
5. Maxi
6. Mitsurugi
7. Nightmare
8. Siegfried
9. Sophitia
10. Taki
11. Xianghua
12. Yoshimitsu (from the Tekken series)
13. Zasalamel

With E3 2018 coming up in two weeks from today, Bandai Namco will be among the companies attending the event at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It is more than likely that a demonstration for Soul Calibur VI is in the works for E3, and also that gameplay for the latest revealed characters could be shared via the Internet.

The game will release this year for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam). If you have yet to reserve your copy, visit here to do so! Additionally, follow our blog, @BandaiNamcoUS and @soulcalibur on Twitter for updates.

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