"Analysis: The Effects of Salt" by @CoreAGaming

Last Friday, Gerald Lee, creator and manager of @CoreAGaming, released a video analysis on the effects of "salt," which is the term often used to describe one's frustration with a course of events in competitive games of any genre.

Lee takes the process of video analysis and brings it up a notch by providing unique presentations of the scenario covered in his videos. In addition to gameplay footage, he integrates a variety of images and camera footage to provide a complete analysis on any and all topics the video covers. Lee's work has attracted the attention of practically the entire Internet, as his work is eloquently constructed to educate casual and serious gamers alike.

Lee currently pursues his video-editing work full-time. His passion has taken him on a journey across multiple corners of the globe, including the EVO Japan championships and a variety of fighting game tournaments across America. His work has also attracted a sponsorship opportunity from @UYU_GG, a worldwide organization steeped in talent from players spanning multiple FG titles.

In his latest video, we are given a look at what happens when salt runs its course inside the minds of fighting game players. Salt can mean anything from self-loathing, resentment, what constitutes fun/honorable play and the opposite, and so on. And no-one is safe from this state of mind: even the hardened veterans have their moments when they are put "on tilt," to use a popular phrase from today's generation.

The video is included in the Twitter post below. For those who cannot access it for whatever reason, we'll follow up with a link to the video itself.

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