Incoming Update to add FighterZ Cup, Party Battle and gameplay adjustments to #DragonballFighterZ

When Fused Zamasu's reveal trailer dropped earlier in April, an incoming balance update was also announced for Dragonball FighterZ. While full details had yet to be disclosed, ArcSystemWorks did not hesitate to highlight which characters would be among those heavily affected by the update.

Yesterday, we now have a confirmation that this same update is scheduled to arrive to DBFZ on all platforms tomorrow (May 9th). In addition to balance updates, we are also gaining two new modes to play around with: FighterZ Cup and Party Battle.

The "FighterZ Cup" mode introduces a monthly tournament that pits Z-Union representatives against one another. In case you're unfamiliar with what Z-Unions are, they were introduced in an earlier update released in March. These unions are essentially "fan club gatherings" where players team up to show their support for a specific fighter, and the longer they are devoted, the more rewards they earn.

With the FighterZ Cup, you can now take your devotion towards your favorite character a step further by participating against representatives from other Z-Unions to collect points for your own. What exactly these points will do has yet to become clear, however.

"Party Battle" is essentially a cooperative mode where players can team up in groups of three to take on boss battles. Each player will control a character on your team. Further details on how exactly this mode will work have yet to surface as well.

Finally, the complete list of balance adjustments can be found at this Facebook post from Bandai Namco. We will touch upon a few of these adjustments here for your convenience.

The May 9th update not only introduces changes to each character's gameplay (some more than others), it also applies some tweaks to existing gameplay modes, particularly the Training Mode. The changes will eliminate unwanted behaviors with the training dummy, allowing players to produce more accurate results when testing specific scenarios. Similar but minor changes have been made to the Story Mode, Replay Channel and Combo Challenge.

Of all the characters, Vegeta, Beerus and Broly were among those who received the most attention in terms of gameplay updates. The remainder of the roster also got some tweaks, excluding the following two characters:

- Super Saiyan Blue Goku
- Bardock

In addition to this update, Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu were confirmed as DLC characters for DBFZ last month, but details regarding a release schedule for both have yet to be shared. We will update you when that changes.

Dragonball FighterZ is available for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms. Follow @BandaiNamcoUS on Twitter, as well as our blog, to stay updated.

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