Player Voting for #SummitofPower begins TODAY!

Today, the voting phase for Summit of Power commences!

Your Twitter nominations have been heard and taken into account over the past couple of weeks, and they have played an integral role in determining which twenty players will be given a ray of hope for their chance to participate at Summit of Power!

In case you are unaware of what Summit of Power is, it is an invitational event that revolves solely around the latest title released by ArcSystemWorks: Dragonball FighterZ. Up to sixteen players will be welcomed to a final showdown in Los Angeles CA (venue to be specified) for their shot at a $10,000 prize pool. The event is scheduled to take place on June 8-10.

At the time the event was announced, eight champions were immediately locked in. The next two were determined via qualifier events at two highly prestigious locals: Wednesday Night Fights at Santa Ana's Esports Arena, and Next Level Battle Circuit at New York's Next Level center. Yet another will win their attendance for the Summit via an LCQ at Combo Breaker, which takes place on May 25-27 at the Mega Center in Illinois.

See below for the full list of players that have qualified for the Summit:

- Echo Fox SonicFox
- Cyclops GO13151
- Cyclops Dogura
- EG NYChrisG
- NRG HookGangGod
- TSM Leffen
- Reynald
- ApologyMan
- PG Nakkiel
- GGP Kazunoko

So how will the last five participants be determined? Well...that is in your hands.

With the nomination phase over with, these are the twenty candidates that are dearly hoping to be at the Summit of Power next month:

- CLN Yohosie
- Lord Knight
- Ponos moke
- Echo Fox dekillsage
- brkrdave
- PsrK BeyondToxin
- Lost Soul
- NRG Supernoon
- Ninjaelephant
- Fame96
- UYU Cloud805
- UYU Kizzie Kay
- WhiteBl4ck
- Kane Blueriver
- Teemo
- Zer0q
- FP Chavo
- SQ
- EMP rogueyoshi
- Doza

Remember that only five of these Z Fighters will make it to the Summit of Power in order to hold their own against the best. Once again, your votes will make a difference in deciding the fates of five of these players, but this time, you'll have to speak with your wallet.

Upon visiting this SmashGG page, you will be taken to a page where you can purchase your votes. You can then click the "Visit Shop" option where you can either purchase merchandise for Summit of Power, or simply make a financial contribution to the event. Your first purchase will instantly earn you five votes, and for each dollar spent in the Summit's compendium, that's another two votes in your name.

You can then use those votes to support the player(s) that you want to see participating alongside the best Dragonball FighterZ competitors at LA next month. Be advised that you may use only fifteen votes per voting phase, and once they are submitted, you cannot retract your votes.

The voting phase will last from today until May 16th. Along the way, players will be eliminated a bit at a time. For starters, the last four players with the fewest votes by 2 P.M. Pacific Time tomorrow will be eliminated, leaving only sixteen players left. At 2 P.M. Pacific on May 11th, the current bottom four will be dismissed as well, meaning that twelve players will remain.

After the second round of eliminations has come to pass, the qualifications will begin rolling in. On May 14th, the player with the most votes will be officially locked in for Summit of Power, and the bottom three candidates will be eliminated. Two more participants will qualify the next day, and the bottom two candidates will be out, leaving us with only the final four. The voting campaign will conclude on May 16th, which is when the last two Z Fighters will be invited to the Summit.

To summarize:

- on May 9th, the four Z Fighters with the lowest votes will be eliminated
- on May 11th, four more players with the lowest votes will be shown the door
- the Z Fighter holding the most votes will qualify for the Summit on May 14th by way of votes. The current bottom three at that time will be eliminated
- the next two winners will be locked in by way of votes on May 15th, whereas the bottom two will be eliminated
- the last two participants will be voted in on May 16th

Here's another unique twist: the funds you contribute, whether they be used for purchasing merchandise or simply to vote for your players, will also go towards increasing the prize pool for Summit of Power! The base amount starts at $10,000, and that number will grow with each and every contribution you make towards the event! In essence, you are helping to decide who will make up the remainder of the bracket and raising the stakes at the event itself!

For the Z Fighters unfortunate enough to be eliminated from the voting phase, they will receive a percentage of the total funds raised. To clarify further, these funds will not be subtracted from the final prize pool for the Summit. Instead, they will be taken from BeyondTheSummit's share. So everyone gets something out of the attention they show to this amazing opportunity!

Also, don't forget that one additional player will qualify for the Summit at Combo Breaker 2018. If you have yet to register for the event, you can visit to do so.

So what are you waiting for? Spread the word, vote for your champions, and get ready for the summer season to heat up with the greatest bout of DBFZ action yet!

For further updates regarding Summit of Power, please follow @BeyondTheSummit on Twitter!

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