.#H1Z1 comes to PlayStation 4 on May 22nd + Closed Beta Live NOW!

H1Z1, the survival game developed and continuously supported by Daybreak, is finally making a transition to the Playstation 4 console on May 22nd! Like with its PC version, it will be FREE to play!

Before that comes to pass, however, the company is hosting a closed beta for H1Z1 on the PS4 as a means of testing the product's effectiveness. The first wave of beta codes is going out to a relatively small group of players, chosen at random. A second wave of codes will be distributed to a larger group on May 14th.

If you're among those hopeful to be included in the closed beta, it is recommended you head to www.h1z1.com/playstation 4 and submit your email address to the form included. You'll also want to add daybreak@email.daybreakgames.com to your list of contacts so that you don't miss out on their announcements. Alternatively, you can follow @H1Z1 on Twitter to stay informed on news regarding the game's development.

Daybreak has been hard at work optimizing their product for a smooth experience on the Playstation 4, both the regular and Pro versions alike. From improved loading times to well-mapped controls, as well as a 60fps resolution on the PS4 Pro, console gamers are sure to enjoy the battle royale experience as much as PC gamers do!

H1Z1 was initially in an early access phase on the PC platform for up to three years before its official release in February 2018. The game is set to arrive to PS4 in two weeks, and a similar release is planned for the Xbox One, though a schedule for the Xbox release has yet to be announced at this time.

What is H1Z1? It is a multiplayer battle royale game that pits up to 150 players against one another in a deathmatch. Players can choose to play solo or in teams. Each match begins with players descending to the map via parachutes. Weapons and vehicles are scattered among the terrain, freely accessible to all players from the moment the match begins.

If a match drags on for too long, a cloud of toxic gas will appear and begin to compress the map, eventually forcing players to battle at close quarters. Any players caught within the toxic cloud will suffer damage, which will increase in increments as the cloud grows in size. This therefore discourages stealthy gameplay for prolonged periods of time, forcing players to take initiative faster.

When H1Z1 was first conceived by Daybreak, it ran into a large number of obstacles throughout its launch phase, but still performed fairly well in terms of sales. A year after release, the initial project had split into two different games: Just Survive and King of the Kill. Development of the console versions were halted so that Daybreak could focus its efforts on optimizing H1Z1 for the PC platform, which was intended to be the primary platform upon which players would compete. The official launch was initially intended to take place in September 2016, but due to a large log of errors caught at the last minute, the "launch" was changed into an update.

The game has been featured on several high-profile events since 2017. In fact, a series called H1Z1: Fight For The Crown, went live on the CW Seed television network in April 2017. Around this time, H1Z1 dropped its "King of the Kill" subtitle so that it would simply be known by its original name. As of now, the H1Z1 Pro League is currently in progress and is set to continue with its fourth weekly run at an arena provided by Caesars Entertainment in Las Vegas. You can tune in to the action when it happens at www.facebook.com/H1Z1ProLeague.

For further updates, follow our blog, @H1Z1 and @H1Z1ProLeague on Twitter.

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