Debut Episode of "Panda Global Origins" Podcast by @PandaGlobalPG is LIVE

Today, the Panda Global organization has launched a special podcast entitled "Panda Global Origins." As the name suggests, its focus is to guide the listeners through an audio library that archives the history of Panda Global.

In recent years, Panda Global has amassed a roster that spans multiple esports titles including Street Fighter V, the Smash Bros series, Rivals of Aether, Hearthstone and more, and its lineup is a powerful mixture of tournament champions and established community leaders. A portion of the crew is also responsible for the creation of the PGStats, also fittingly known as Panda Global Stats, a statistics page that archives tournament results achieved by players among the Smash Wii-U community.

PG's motto? "Put the player first."

The organization was co-founded in 2015 by Alan Bunney a.k.a. @PG_SamuraiPanda and David Wu a.k.a. @PG_Mashumaro, both of whom have accrued experience from a variety of careers. In SamuraiPanda's case, he also operates as an MD (Doctor of Medicine), whereas Mashumaro has delved into business strategies for marketing and consulting.

With their first episode, we are entreated to a stroll down memory lane where we learn about how Panda Global came to be, as well as insight on the gaming histories of both gentlemen featured in the podcast. The episode is linked on YouTube below for your convenience, but SoundCloud users can also visit here to give it a listen.

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