Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods Season 3, Week 1

Season 3 of War of the Gods has only just started, but already we have a Top 8 that blows expectations out of the water! Seven of the Top 8 features familiar faces that have popped in and out throughout Seasons 1 and 2, but the paths they took to get to where they are now may throw you for a loop.

For instance, Noble Rewind, one of two players who consistently appeared in the Top 2 of previous War brackets, was on the verge of making a return, but that plan was cut short by DsV Basics. Basics sought to break into Winner's Top 8 afterward, but the Flash God Lord himself, BC HoneyBee, put a swift end to that endeavor, thus prompting a rematch with Rewind. Basics defeated him once again, this time without dropping any games, to advance to the Week 1 finals.

The second bracket in the Top 32 series, however, contained a bag of surprises. Noble Semiij, who finished both seasons with the highest amount of league points, clawed his way into Winner's Top 8 without fail, but one of his victims, Alexander-the-1, sought to redeem himself. Players such as Deoxys, Coach Steve and Nubcakes fell before the new blood flooding the lower bracket, leaving Alexander and Hero Killer Stain to duke it out in the Cyborg vs. Starfire match-up. Alexander's volleyball skills proved superior to his foe's, advancing him into Top 8 as a result.

Yet more bloodbaths ensued in Top 32 Bracket #3, which contained quite a number of killers: Method SylverRye, Noble Tweedy, TitantiumTigerzz, bkith, Burrito Voorhees, CrzyFingers, and even Killtron. Tweedy proves his worth as the Combo Breaker champion by taking down SylverRye to earn his spot in Top 8, where he will engage in a team kill against Semiij. Not one to be outdone, SylverRye waited in Loser's Finals for his opponent, who would be revealed to be TitaniumTigerzz. Tigerzz tried valiantly, but was unable to take a game off Rye and thus eliminated from Week 1.

Finally, a dispute between monarchs broke out in Top 32 Bracket #4, one that involved HZRDS KNICKS and EMPEROR KOMBAT, two proven competitors from Season 2. KNICKS dismissed his opponent from the court in convincing fashion, leaving KOMBAT to dwell upon what happened while awaiting his chance for redemption. Familiar faces such as Dab and yungmonster were sighted among the carnage, but out of all of the players, a newcomer by the name of Myztery_-BOT emerged from the fog of war to face off against KOMBAT. Unfortunately for Bot, KOMBAT's Firestorm proved too hot for him to handle.

It's been a beautiful opening week to Season 3, and we are happy to present our first Top 8 bracket, which will be played this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time!

How will the solo newcomer fare against an onslaught of veterans? Certainly a curious question that merits an answer, but we will not need to wait long to learn what that answer is! Join us this Wednesday at to see who will be the first champion in Season 3!

Didn't get to catch the Week 1 preliminaries? We've got you covered - click here and enjoy!

For those who have not qualified, we encourage you to sign up for Week 2 right now and get to practicing! Also, remember that we have The Clash scheduled for every Friday. Players will be able to request exhibitions against other players in a game of their choosing, provided that that game is supported by The Clash. To request an exhibition, contact @MisterAquaman via Twitter!

Thanks to the approximate 300 players who signed up for Week 1! We hope to see all of you (and a little more of you, of course) in Week 2!

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