Your #CellGames Season Finale Champion is @Mikeand1keFGC!

The Cell Games series has reached an astounding conclusion, and we have crowned our Season Finale champion!

Nearly all of Winner's Quarterfinals broke out with 2-0 outcomes right out the gate, barring Flux versus Mikeand1ke, which extended to a full three-game set before Mike edged out his opponent to advance to semifinals. He confronted Aarondamac in Winner's Semis, and it was at this point that he found himself risking an early entrance into Loser's once again. To Aaron's dismay, though, Mike discovered the weak link in his chain and preyed upon it mercilessly. This strategy eventually culminated in Aaron's defeat.

As SuperHotGarbage was unable to participate in his first match in Winner's Quarters, Slay pressed on to Winner's Semis in order to take on Fame96. Slay defeated him with a sound 2-0 to meet with Mikeand1ke in the Winner's Finals. At this point, the sets were extended to a race to three wins, but the extension in games did little to give Slay time to figure out Mike's dominant strategy with his team. Mike, with a convincing 3-0 outcome, advanced to Grand Finals to await the last opponent who would attempt to bar his way to the crown.

Having to begin his trek through Loser's due to an early DQ, SuperHotGarbage carved a practical canyon through the bracket, similar to his achievement in Week 6. When he reached Loser's Semifinals, however, he ran into an imposing obstacle in the form of BxA Odfullauto. A lengthy three-game set ensued before SuperHotGarbage's road to redemption came to its end.

Speaking of Fullauto, he'd eliminated FluxWaveZ, who held the most league points in the entire circuit; and Fame96, the only two-time champion in Cell Games. This achievement, coupled with his victory against Slay in Loser's Finals, made him an instant favorite to take the finale.

The Grand Finals were a practical seesaw, constantly tilting in favor of one another as the two finalists traded game after game. The two appeared evenly matched, as neither were unable to gain control and keep it for very long. Fullauto's hopes for a bracket reset increased when the set count hit a 2-2 stalemate, but at a crucial point in Game 5, Mike broke the stalemate, taking a 3-2 victory over his adversary to bring about the end of Cell Games!

Cell Games Finale Champion.jpg

Winner: Mikeand1ke
Prizes: $1,000

2nd Place: BxA Odfullauto
Prizes: $750

3rd Place: Slay
Prizes: $500

4th Place: SuperHotGarbage
Prizes: $250

5th Place: OrochiFame96
Prizes: $150

5th Place: Aarondamac
Prizes: $150

7th Place: FluxWaveZ
Prizes: $75

7th Place: DawnOfTheAfro
Prizes: $75

The results of the Cell Games finale bring back a fond memory concerning the KrossUp Finale Champion: Damian "Raven is Raw" Gonzalez, who placed in the Top 8 of our Killer Instinct brackets almost every week but didn't seize the big W until the finale. Through the efforts of Mikeand1ke, history has seen a repeat in another big FGC title, and we are quite thrilled to congratulate him for becoming the Cell Games Champion!

The archive for the Cell Games finale will be up on YouTube soon, but rather than wait for it to be imported, you can click this link to rewatch the full event. It's not something to be passed by!

For up to six weeks, we've witnessed many Z Fighters logging on to scramble for league points here and there while fending off formidable opponents. These efforts have resulted in phenomenal matches that were a pleasure to witness, and for that, we greatly appreciate all who participated in Cell Games and/or spectated via our stream. Congratulations go out to all of our weekly winners and to Mikeand1ke for their achievements!

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Thank you again for your support of Cell Games! Keep playing and enjoying Dragonball FighterZ!

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