Super #SmashBrosUltimate arrives to #NintendoSwitch on December 7th!

As confirmed in today's Nintendo Direct at E3, the new Smash Bros title, which has been dubbed "Super Smash Bros Ultimate," makes its way to the Nintendo Switch this holiday season!

What makes this game deserving of the "ultimate" subtitle, you wonder? How about the fact that EVERY CHARACTER featured in the Smash Bros franchise makes a glorious return in the new game, including those previously cut from the roster?! In case you were wondering, that includes Wolf from Star Fox, Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid, Young Link from The Legend of Zelda, and even the Ice Climbers!

To clarify further, this also includes all DLC Smashers released for Smash on Wii-U and 3DS: Ryu, Cloud Strife, Bayonetta, Corrin, Roy, Lucas and Mewtwo!

It's going to be a wild party at Nintendo, and you all are invited to enjoy the festivities!

In addition, we were made aware of the Inkling's inclusion in the new Smash via its announcement trailer from March 2018, but today, we've learned of the next new character joining the's the Space Pirate from the Metroid franchise: Ridley! After making an appearance as a background character in Brawl and Smash 4, Ridley is finally taking matters into his own hands! Will you harness his power effectively?!

As far as levels are concerned, it appears that they are sharing the same formula as that of the cast. In other words, every level you've ever glimpsed throughout all of the Smash games, even those included from past titles, will be returning from the dead, along with new stages based on the newcomer Smashers! In addition, some of the familiar levels have been given some beautiful touch-ups, such as the traditional Battlefield stage.

As far as gameplay mechanics go, it adopts the familiar ruleset of knocking your opponents off-screen while keeping yourself in the game, but it appears that a new map-like indicator has been added to the game. This indicator measures your distance from the blast zones (which will KO you if you enter them) after you are knocked off-screen and your character is made visible by a magnifying glass. Intriguing!

Along with the reveal of Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo has launched a dedicated website for the title, which you can find here. The site includes a video library showcasing every character featured in the new Smash, the new theme song, and blog posts keeping you updated on what else is to come. It is also there that you can pre-order your copy of Smash Bros Ultimate, which releases for the Switch on December 7, 2018!

We are genuinely excited for the arrival of Smash Bros Ultimate and we hope you are as well! For further updates, keep up with our blog and follow @NintendoVS and @NintendoAmerica on Twitter!

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