Noble @Semiij wins #WarOfTheGods Season 3, Week 1!

The cycle continues...

Season 3 of War of the Gods saw a promising start with up to 261 entrants for its first weekly bracket. 87.5% of the Top 8 consisted of familiar players that our followers have become fond of throughout their participation in Seasons 1 and 2, whereas a lone newcomer - Alexander-The-1 - would make his debut in the lower bracket after attaining a streak of impressive victories.

Semiij clutched out a 3-2 team kill against his teammate Tweedy, whereas HZRDS KNICKS defeated the Flash God Lord, also known as BC HoneyBee. This set the stage for a struggle over power in Winner's Finals, and this conflict would be won by Semiij, who appeared poised to continue a familiar streak of claiming one weekly bracket after another.

Alexander's stay in the Top 8 was short-lived, as SylverRye's Hellboy proved a hotter threat than Starfire was able to contend with. But a surprise blossomed over at the opposite end of the Loser's Bracket: EMPEROR KOMBAT was dismantled by DsV Basics in an extremely close 3-of-5 set. Previously known as a Darkseid main, Basics migrated over to Starfire, a decision that would earn him impressive results.

Sadly, his trek through the Top 8 would be cut short by Noble Tweedy, who was all too willing to show him how the Tamaranian princess was best used. Even then, it was not without a struggle on his part, as their set came to a 2-2 stalemate before Tweedy ultimately seized the crown for himself. Basics would end his first run in Season 3 at 5th place, alongside BC HoneyBee, who was eliminated by Method SylverRye.

With the bracket narrowed down to Top 4, the tension began to mount. In Loser's Semifinals, SylverRye and Tweedy faced off against one another to see who would be adding a chunk of cash to their league points. Tweedy decided to resurrect his infamous Kryptonian, Superman, to take on Rye's Hellboy. This decision proved effective at first, but Rye responded with a similar move, calling back his Batman to apply some Kryptonite to Tweedy. Faced with the threat of elimination, Tweedy fell back to his Starfire, but the damage was already done: Rye's domination held out throughout the entire set, earning him a 3-1 win and a shot at Loser's Finals.

 HZRDS KNICKS greeted him in Loser's Finals with his Black Manta, which he'd previously used to catch HoneyBee by surprise. Yet Rye's Hellboy was the first to draw blood this set, but KNICKS remained unfazed. Eventually the young monarch took a 2-1 lead, prompting Rye to fall back to his Dark Knight immediately. The change in match-ups did not sit well with KNICKS, so when the set came to a 2-2 stalemate, he resurrected his Darkseid from the depths of Apokolips. Game 5 followed a course befitting of a legendary set: long, but exhilarating. In the end, KNICKS broke the bat, earning himself his entry into Grand Finals for a runback with Semiij.

Despite his efforts, however, Semiij's Catwoman remained as steely as it ever was. KNICKS's Black Manta was unable to cut through the wall that was Semiij's gameplay, and his Darkseid encountered a similar difficulty. Unable to recover, KNICKS's run ended in a second place, just mere inches shy of the Week 1 crown, which would be worn by Noble Semiij, your Week 1 Champion!

Winner: Noble Semiij
Prizes: $100 and 150 league points

Prizes: $60 and 125 league points

3rd Place: Method SylverRye
Prizes: $40 and 100 league points

4th Place: Noble Tweedy
Prizes: 75 league points

5th Place: DsV Basics
Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: BC HoneyBee
Prizes: 50 league points

Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: Alexander-The-1
Prizes: 50 league points

We congratulate Semiij for taking Week 1 of War of the Gods Season 3! Is he set to repeat history for a third time, winning a majority of the weekly brackets and taking all the points for himself? Or is an upset in the balance of power inevitable?

The game has changed since Season 2, and the competition has expanded. With another nine weeks left to go in the circuit, the possibilities remain numerous. We highly encourage all players, old and new alike, to sign up for Week 2 and get ready to return to the arena this Sunday!

Want to catch up on the Week 1 finals? See below!

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Want some more Injustice 2 action before this Sunday? Then stay tuned for tomorrow night's run of our weekly series, The Clash!

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