Update on #ELEAGUESFV Invitational 2018: Results for Group A and Group B Playoffs

On June 1st, ELEAGUE kicked off their second invitational event for Street Fighter V. A total of twenty-four players, two of which qualified via a secondary series called SFV The Challenger (JonaB and Commander Jesse), have been divided into four groups of six. Each group will compete every Friday, eliminating its own numbers until only two players remain.

Up to $250,000 in cash prizes awaits those who qualify into the final playoffs on July 13th, similar to their first invitational last year, in which thirty-two Street Fighter phenomenons participated.

This event takes place every week at the ELEAGUE arena in Turner Studios, located in Atlanta GA. Anybody wishing to spectate the event from a front-row seat may visit this page in order to purchase tickets to the arena. For those watching at home, details are available here.

Thus far, two of the groups have completed their playoffs for the season, and four champions have been locked in for the finale. See below for a pair of Twitter posts confirming the final results of Groups A and B.

The following four have advanced to the playoffs on July 13th for their shot at the crown, with the SFV Invitational 2017 champion among them:

- Echo Fox Punk
- Echo Fox Momochi
- Echo Fox Tokido
- CAG Dogura

Thus far, the Echo Fox team is running rampant in this competition, with Dogura being the only non-Fox holding his own. Sadly, both of the qualified participants from SFV The Challenger, JonaB and Jesse, were eliminated from the group playoffs, but both were heavily exhilarated over their experience in the invitational.

This leaves only the playoffs for Groups C and D, and tomorrow night marks Group C's time to shine. That group consists of the six players listed below, all of whom will be striving to ensure that they are among the last two standing:

- NuckleDu
- F3 Brolynho
- Echo Fox Justin Wong
- RISE Smug
- RB Snake Eyez
- Mousesports ProblemX

Is it safe to count a fourth Echo Fox for the final playoffs, or will such a prediction be defied? Tune in tomorrow to ELEAGUE's social media at 3 P.M. EST to catch the Group C playoffs, and then to the TBS Network at 11 P.M. for the group's closing segment.

For those not competing in the Invitational, the ELEAGUE x BattleFy SFV Open is still ongoing with its second ladders, which consist of a series of online brackets for both the eastern and western USA. The reigning champions of both regions will be flown to the ELEAGUE arena to partake in the Grand Championship Finals for the Open. Along the way, players will be competing for shares of a separate prize pool totaling up to $50,000. Visit here for more information.

Readers can follow our blog and @ELEAGUETV on Twitter for further updates.

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