Genesis 6 (#G6) will feature #SmashBrosUltimate in its lineup at Oakland's Paramount Theater on February 1-3, 2019

Now that the release of Smash Bros Ultimate is on the horizon, Smash community events have hastened to add the title to their lineup.

Take Genesis, for instance. As the largest grassroots major for Smash, it hosts a variety of Smash Bros titles at a special venue in California. Its more recent iterations have also taken to including Rival of Aether, an indie-developed title by Dan Fornace, into its lineup.

The first two iterations of Genesis took place in 2009 and 2011 at Antioch, CA, before entering into a hiatus that would last until 2016, two years after the release of Smash 4 on Wii-U and 3DS. Upon its return, Genesis 3 and 4 ran their course in San Jose before the brand was relocated yet again, this time to Oakland's Paramount Theater for Genesis 5, which took place five months ago.

While the numbers for other titles at Genesis have been like a seesaw tilting up and down, the Melee community has consistently delivered on turnouts. Their strongest player count was recorded in 2016, with almost 2,000 Melee participants showing up at Genesis 3.

It was also at this event that the Melee community was treated to their first look at the ongoing rivalry between Armada and Mang0, both of whom are considered to be among "The Five Gods of Melee." Their confrontations have become a primary attraction not only at Genesis, but across all corners of the Melee scene. In fact, their rivalry has been acknowledged by "theScore eSports" as an iconic esports moment.

As for the Smash 4 community, their support of Genesis began with its third iteration in 2016, delivering on over a thousand players for their first turnout. While the amount has slightly tapered off over the past two years, Smashers have been just as immersed in the storylines surrounding the Smash 4 players. TSM ZeRo took the crown in Genesis 3, whereas Echo Fox MKLeo usurped the throne for the next two years afterward.

Now, with the announcement of Smash Ultimate, Genesis 6 is preparing to bring the game to its first major background, alongside Melee, Smash 64 and Rivals of Aether, with "more to come" according to their registration page. And it's all going down...on February 1-3, 2019.

For the first five-hundred competitors, they will be eligible for an "early bird" benefit which consists of a $60 venue fee. After that, the main registration fee will be $70 until December 17th, at which point that amount will go up by $15. The deadline to register will be on January 15th.

In addition, spectators can purchase a one-day pass for $30 or a Friday-Saturday pass for $50. However, for Sunday finals, a separate ticket will be required to cover your seat in the theater. Seats at the balcony and rear sections of the orchestra floor will charge $25, whereas front-row seats will cost $45. They will be available only to registered spectators and competitors.

Excited to attend? Then simply visit to reserve your spot! Future updates concerning the event may be found at @Genesis_Smash on Twitter, as well as

The registrations have already begun to flow like a river, so if you want to take advantage of the early bird special, we advise registering ASAP.

Smash Bros Ultimate arrives to the Nintendo Switch on December 7, 2018. The game comes packed with every Smash character that has made an appearance in any entry of the Smash Bros franchise, whether it be as DLC (such as Ryu and Cloud from Smash 4) or a one-time guest (such as Young Link and Pichu in Melee). To reserve your copy of the game now, visit

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