Group C Results for #ELEAGUESFV Invitational 2018: @SmugDaBeast and @MrProblemX advance to July 13th Playoffs

Last night, the Group C playoffs for ELEAGUE's SFV 2018 Invitational came to a close.

RB Snake Eyez stood poised to qualify via the upper bracket, but his ambitions were cut short by the United Kingdom's MrProblemX. The Bison specialist has been set on a mission: to demonstrate to the world that the UK's player base is just as formidable as the remainder of the community. And it seems the message has been received and understood.

One of the casualties from ProblemX's journey through the bracket was RISE SmugDaBeast, a strong Balrog player also known for his live comedy on his personal stream. In spite of his loss to ProblemX, Smug was eager for an opportunity to continue his friendly rivalry with NuckleDu. While Du emerged victorious in the majority of their encounters since Season 1, the scales began to tip into Smug's favor in recent events.

But at the ELEAGUE arena, the spotlight would shine not on NuckleDu, but on Smug. Having taken an extremely close 3-2 victory over the Capcom Cup 2016 winner, Smug qualified along with ProblemX for the July 13th playoffs!

With Group C's completion, six finalists are locked in for the final showdown next month. Along with ProblemX and Smug, these four players have also emerged victorious from their respective pools:

- Echo Fox Punk
- Echo Fox Tokido
- Echo Fox Momochi
- CAG Dogura

That leaves only two slots to be filled for the finale. The players claiming these slots will be decided when ELEAGUE returns to the arena next Friday with their fourth and final group, which features the following players:

- FUDOH Fujimura
- FUDOH Haitani
- iDom
- Daigo Umehara
- PG Infiltration
- Filipino Champ

It's truly anybody's game next week! Place your bets on who you believe will qualify via the Group D playoffs to compete in a final eight-player bracket with a $250,000 prize pool at stake. All matches are broadcast live on Fridays via ELEAGUE's social media at 3 P.M. EST, and the TBS network at 11 P.M.

Live in Atlanta and want to see the event in person? Visit here to grab your ticket for a seat at the ELEAGUE arena from Turner Studios!

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