Bloomberg interviews the CEO of @EsportsArena, @ESA_Tyler, at #E32018

Although E3 2018 is behind us now, the impact it has left upon us this year is tremendous.

Yet, what remains one of the biggest questions in today's generation of gaming is: can we expect great things for esports in the future? So far, events indicate a powerful affirmative on behalf of the industry, as it continues to grow in both revenue and audience.

As of 2017, overall revenue earned for the production of esports totaled $655 million. It is predicted that this growth will continue in 2018, and revenue is expected to climb to as high as $905 million, a strong increase of 38% from last year's revenue. This prediction is based on data released by Newzoo earlier this year, as reported by

A factor that has contributed to the industry's evolution is the recent creation of LAN venues based on esports-related services. One glaring example of such a venue is the legendary Esports Arena, which was founded in Santa Ana CA three years ago. Over the course of the past year, two sibling Esports Arenas were erected in Las Vegas and in Oakland.

In addition to providing gamers with an arcade to enjoy every day, Esports Arena has hosted high-quality production events supporting titles such as Fortnite, which has encircled the entire globe in its powerful grip. The company has not shown any signs of slowing down in terms of growth and planning, and business has been booming since launch.

Last week, @emilychangtv from, a news site dedicated to business topics, sat down with the CEO of Esports Arena, Tyler Endres a.k.a. @ESA_Tyler, at E3 2018 for an informative discussion on both the Arena and the direction taken by the esports industry. That interview has been linked in the Twitter post below, but for your convenience, you can check it out here as well.

For updates on Esports Arena, check out and @EsportsArena on Twitter.

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