Move List for Cody in #SFVAE is now available

The next DLC fighter for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition is set to arrive next Tuesday, but Capcom is giving players the chance to get familiar with his move set before he joins the fight.

In their latest Twitter post below, they've linked a page listing Cody's move list at, a database that lists all move data for every character, including their frame data.

For the competitive players looking to dig through his frame data, that information has yet to be included with his move list at this time. However, it is expected to be uploaded to the site in the near future. In the meantime, players can consult the other character pages to learn about their frame data in turn.

This exact same move list for Cody will be included in the pause menu when playing through any game mode in SFV, minus the frame data.

Holders of the Season 3 Character Pass will gain instant access to Cody upon his release. Otherwise, players will have the option to purchase him using 70,000 Fight Money (in-game currency earned by completing specific tasks or simply playing matches) or $5.99.

Along with Cody, three other characters have been introduced via Season 3: Falke, Blanka and Sakura, two of which are returning fighters. Two more characters, Sagat and G, will release for SFVAE later in the year.

To get the Season 3 Character Pass and/or to download SFV: Arcade Edition, visit the link below that corresponds to your platform.

Playstation Store - Season 3 Character Pass
Steam Store - Season 3 Character Pass
Playstation Store - Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Steam Store - Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

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