Sign up for #BBTAG and #BBCF Side Tournaments at #CEO2018!

For anyone disappointed by the lack of BlazBlue tournaments in the official lineup for CEO 2018, @Bloo4LYFE has got you covered!

In anticipation of the big event next weekend, the anime FGC is launching a community effort to host side tournaments for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle and Blazblue Central Fiction alongside the main event at Daytona Beach's Ocean Center. Both the main event and side tournaments will run throughout the weekend of June 29 - July 1st.

For those curious, there will be no need to pay a second venue fee for the Blazblue side tournaments, but all game entry fees will be collected on-site as cash. Entry for this event can be done online via

Before entering, be sure you are registered for CEO 2018 itself. To do so, head here. Registration closes at the end of tomorrow.

Both Central Fiction and Cross Tag Battle will be hosted on the Playstation 4 console, and each event will have a $50 pot bonus provided by the community. Already over 150 players have signed up for the side tournaments, with the majority of that amount going over to Cross Tag Battle.

Excited for CEO? It may interest you to know that an update from @CEOJebailey last week indicated that the event has already surpassed the number of players who'd pre-registered last year! The event is also affiliated with a collection of FGC pro tours and an amazing wrestling event called "When Worlds Collide," the latter of which is set to occur on Day 1 of the event. All of these factors point towards a promising chapter in the CEO brand this year.

We at StreamMe are genuinely excited for next week! Follow our blog and @CEOGaming for further updates on the event!

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