Team @GRV_NA signs Smash Bros player @DabuzSenpai

With Smash Ultimate on the horizon, countless players are eagerly preparing for the game's arrival in December.

24-year-old Samuel "DabuzSenpai" Buzby, ranked 6th in the latest draft of the Panda Global Rankings released near the end of last year, has become recognized for his mastery of Rosalina and Luma in Super Smash Bros Wii-U. He has competed in the title since its launch in 2014, and it wasn't long before he began producing god-tier results, starting with a 2nd-place finish in Apex 2015, in which almost a thousand players participated in Wii-U Singles.

Never one to waver in his training, victories for Dabuz soon followed throughout 2016-2018. He took the Smash Wii-U crown at 2GG Civil War, 2GG ARMS Saga, The Big House 7, and most recently, Frostbite 2018. Along with his achievements, Dabuz holds a degree in economics.

Oddly enough, throughout his competitive career for Smash Wii-U, he went for a lengthy amount of time without support from an organization. But as of last night, a welcome change has been made, as Dabuz has now been signed by Gravity Gaming a.k.a. @GRV_NA!

Gravity Gaming surfaced in February 2017 as an organization fresh out of the woodworks. Gravity made its debut in a Gears of War 4 event called 4UMG Atlantic City, where they finished in 17th out of 64 teams. They have since opted to expand into fighting game titles such as Injustice 2, for which Gravity Alcatraz currently represents them, and Smash Wii-U.

Dabuz officially joins with Alcatraz under the same banner, and just in time to prepare for Smash Ultimate which arrives to the Nintendo Switch on December 7th! In the meantime, he and other renowned competitors will continue refining their skills in the current iteration of Smash to keep their fundamentals up to par.

Many congratulations to Dabuz for this opportunity with Gravity Gaming! To stay updated on their endeavors, follow @DabuzSenpai and @GRV_NA!

Curious to know Dabuz's thoughts on Smash Ultimate? You can watch his video analysis in the clip below.

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