Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods Season 3, Week 2

Our next Top 8 for War of the Gods Season 3 has been lined up for this Wednesday! To kick off your day today, we'll give you a quick run-through regarding what happened.

You'll notice that Noble Semiij, our Week 1 winner, has qualified for this week's finals, but here's the plot twist: he will not be starting his run from the upper bracket this time. We owe this fact to the highly accomplished Flash God Lord, BC HoneyBee. The two met in Winner's Finals of their pool, and it was definitely a clash (pun not intended) that blew the minds of everyone witnessing it. Semiij was completely unable to take a game off the Flash loyalist, and consequently found himself struggling to survive in Loser's Bracket.

PG Hayatei played the role of the proverbial shark in the water, wading through his end of Loser's with one victory after another. He'd experienced a close call against Grr's Sub-Zero, but managed to pull out the win. However, when he came before Semiij in Loser's Finals, his armada turned up inadequately equipped to handle the likes of the Catwoman specialist. Semiij took the win to qualify for the Loser's side of Top 8.

Semiij's teammates, Rewind and Tweedy, sought to replicate his achievement in the fourth pool of Top 32. Rewind's stay in the upper bracket came to an early end thanks to CLN Deoxys, the proud Blue Beetle champion hailing from Texas. However, TitaniumTigerzz put a damper on his accomplishment with a 3-1 victory in Winner's Finals. Instantly Rewind became eager for a rematch, but had to put it on hold to face his comrade Tweedy in a team kill in Loser's Semis. Despite the godly nature of Black Adam, Rewind could not rewrite the prophecy written for him by Tweedy's Doctor Fate. As a result, Tweedy makes a return to this week's Top 8 alongside TitaniumTigerzz.

Also making a return to the Top 8 is Method SylverRye, who had to survive a viciously stacked bracket full of killers. In the Loser's side of Pool 3, everyone's heads were being turned by the ferocity of Echo Fox Scar's Brainiac, a character whose tier placement sees quite an amount of debate. After taking victories over Buffalo and Nubcakes, Scar and Biohazard found themselves fighting for that one slot in Top 8. But despite Scar's efforts, he would be broken, just as Bane broke the Dark Knight. This therefore marks Biohazard's first appearance in a Top 8 for Season 3.

Finally, in Pool 2 of Top 32, HZRDS EMPEROR Knicks embraced the light of the Red Lantern to overpower the young sibling duo, Revetleafing and yungmonster, two of the favorites from the days of the Kombat Cup. Undeterred, both sought to redeem themselves in the lower bracket, but they were captivated by a new threat: Hero Killer Stain's phenomenal Cyborg, who'd come within inches of qualifying for the Week 1 finals. yungmonster came close to upsetting Killer Stain's runback, but he fell just short of the prize, and the way to Killer Stain's first Top 8 was cleared.

With such a widespread variety in characters and players going into Week 2, this will be a showdown that you will not want to miss out on! As always, the action will be broadcast live at, so make certain you are following the page with your email notifications enabled.

Missed out on the Week 2 preliminaries? Check out this archive to catch up. In addition, for those eager to prepare for Week 3, which takes place this incoming Sunday, sign up here!

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