Cody releases for #SFVAE on June 25th. Play him for free until June 27th!

It seems that Capcom has opted for a change in plans concerning Cody's addition to the SFV roster. Instead of June 26th (previously reported here), he will be available this incoming Monday, on June 25th!

In addition, Capcom is resurrecting the concept of a free trial that will be available for the character upon his release. If you have not purchased the Season 3 pass, you'll be able to play as Cody for free from June 25th to the 27th, but once the free trial expires, you will have to purchase the character afterward to continue playing as him.

Planning to main Cody but have no idea where to start? Not to worry - Matthew "@TheStreetWriter" Edwards has got you covered! Check out his video entry from the SFV Character Introduction Series to learn more about Metro City's new mayor!

Like with all of the Season 3 cast, Cody will be available on the Playstation 4 and PC versions of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on June 25th. In addition to Cody, three of the Season 3 cast are now available for your enjoyment: Sakura, Blanka and Falke!

To get the Season 3 Character Pass and/or to download SFV: Arcade Edition, visit the link below that corresponds to your platform.

Playstation Store - Season 3 Character Pass
Steam Store - Season 3 Character Pass
Playstation Store - Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
Steam Store - Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition


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