Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 3

Missed out on last Sunday's matches for War of the Gods S3 Week 3? Read on for a recap!

Our Week 2 champion, Method SylverRye, will be attempting to defend his throne from the lower side of this week's finals. His starting point can be attributed to his loss at the hands of DF Grrr, the self-proclaimed interactable master in Injustice 2. To compensate for this predicament, Rye gate-kept TSS KingGambler in Loser's Finals of his pool, which would contain returning stars such as Slips and MF Slayer, the latter of which fell to KingGambler in Loser's Semis.

In the second segment of Top 32 pools, we witnessed a series of staggering upsets among the Injustice 2 community. TSS CLN Deoxys, one of Texas's proudest champions, bagged impressive wins over Noble Semiij and BC Biohazard to earn his spot in the Winner's Top 8. As the dumbstruck viewers struggled to absorb what happened, the lower half of the pool dissolved into an absolute bloodbath that culminated in a team kill between Rewind and Semiij, from which the latter emerged victorious. Biohazard had previously 3-0'ed Semiij in Week 2, but for Week 3 preliminaries, Semiij achieved the complete opposite by 3-0'ing Bio in to qualify for this week's finals. For the Catwoman specialist, vengeance is sweet!

Over at the third Top 32 pool, familiar faces would be overtaken by new blood. Favorites such as Tweedy, KNICKS, Alexander-The-1, RevetLeafing and TsunamiV were sighted among those participating in the pool, but included with them were SenorAbram, who'd achieved a temporary burst of fame for his Takeda in the ESL MKX Pro League, and Nubcakes, who'd made a previous appearance in one of our season finales. Nubcakes knocked Tweedy into Loser's to seize his first Top 8 in Season 3, while SenorAbram proceeded to eliminate him after taking down HZRDS Knicks using an incredibly lethal Robin (got competition, Hayatei?!).

With 75% of the Top 8 locked in, the surprises continued to pour in. Through the efforts of SweetNeptune, who'd upset HoneyBee 3-1 using an incredibly strong Sub-Zero, the Lin Kuei's shadow was cast over the DC Universe. Neptune proceeded to barrel past another newcomer, Big Black, to claim his spot in the Week 3 finals. HoneyBee, seeking to make a recovery, eliminated RLN TitaniumTigerzz and akawebbs to grasp for a final straw in Loser's Finals. After a tiring five-game struggle, HoneyBee succumbed to the light of the Red Lanterns, thus locking in Big Black as our last finalist.

Week 3 is a solid display of the improvement the Injustice 2 community has undergone in recent months, resulting in an intriguing Top 8 bracket that is sure to turn a lot of players' expectations upside-down! See below for a preview of what is to come tomorrow night.

Missed out on the Week 3 pools? We highly suggest checking them out - see our YouTube archive below!

Tune in tomorrow night at 8 P.M. Eastern Time to catch an exciting finals bracket for War of the Gods Season 3! As per usual, the action will be streamed live via Be sure you've hit that follow button and enabled your email notifications!

IMPORTANT: For those planning to participate in Week 4, we will be entering a hiatus this weekend due to CEO 2018, which will take place at Daytona's Ocean Center from this Friday to Sunday. We heavily encourage you to tune in to that event, or to attend if you can, because the cards are pointing towards a promising chapter in CEO's legacy this year!

Our Injustice 2 circuit will continue instead on Sunday, July 8th. In the meantime, you can still sign up for Week 4 by visiting this page.

Enjoying Season 3 thus far? Good, because we share in your enthusiasm! We hope to see you back with us tomorrow night as we prepare to crown our third champion!

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