Brackets and Schedule for #CEO2018 are LIVE. Watch on June 29 - July 1st!

CEO 2018 is just around the corner, so we'd like to help bring you up to speed on what to expect from the event this year!

Unlike its previous iterations, players will celebrate CEO 2018 not at the Orlando Wyndham Resort, but at Daytona Beach's Ocean Center which is situated nearby beaches harboring the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to participating in a series of the most stacked tournaments seen each year, players will be able to enjoy a variety of shops and restaurants found at the Ocean Walk Village Shoppes that are practically annexed to the Ocean Center.

The Center also comes with a vast arena that can seat up to over 8,000 participants, and it is at this arena that the biggest festivities of CEO will unfold. Along with the FGC and dancing competitions, CEO has partnered with New Japan Pro-Wrestling to bring sixteen of the biggest wrestling icons, including longtime favorite Kenny Omega, to a live wrestling event called "When Worlds Collide." The fight card has been 100% lined up and can be found here.

CEO 2018 is proudly partnered with the Capcom Pro Tour, Injustice 2 Pro Series, KI Ultra Tour, Tekken World Tour, the SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series and the recently announced DBFZ World Tour. This means that players will be competing for pot bonuses and a qualifier spot for either the champion or the highest-placing runner-up that has not already qualified. At CEO, the stakes will be at an all-time high!

Official brackets for CEO have been finalized and are available here for review. That said, players wishing to sign up via on-site registration may do so, but it will only be available this Thursday (tomorrow) and will charge quite a hefty fee. In addition, players signing up via late registration will NOT be seeded accordingly.

Spectators can also purchase a one-day pass for $25 or a three-day pass for double the price to enjoy the event from the sidelines.

CEO 2018's primary lineup consists of up to seventeen titles. However, the event will also feature a variety of side tournaments as well as demos for upcoming titles, such as Soul Calibur 6 and Super Smash Bros Ultimate. These setups will be available only to those attending the event as a competitor or spectator.

For those wishing to spectate from home, you can find the complete stream schedule for CEO 2018 here, along with a map detailing the venue.

If you enjoy fighting games and you're looking for a fitting way to spend the summer, Daytona Beach's Ocean Center is definitely the place to be this weekend! For further updates, consider following @CEOGaming and @CEOJebailey on Twitter!

What is CEO? The event first launched in 2010 after a three-week effort that went towards preparing its first iteration, which took place at an expansive warehouse in Orlando. It saw a reasonable success for its first entry into competitive fighting games, with over 350 participants and spectators combined. The majority of entrants - 125, to be exact - participated in Super Street Fighter IV, thus marking the event as Florida's biggest FGC turnout at the time.

Between 2010 and 2011, the number of people in attendance quickly skyrocketed to an approximate 1,000, and this wild growth pattern persisted over the years with no decrease in sight. But Alex Jebailey, creator of the Community Effort Orlando brand, or CEO for short, sought to build upon that success. In the years to come, CEO would be hosted at the Orlando Wyndham Resort up until 2017, at which point it was announced that the event would relocate to Daytona Beach for 2018.

The success of CEO led its creator to spawn sibling events, each of which caters to specific titles in the genre. Examples include CEOtaku, which is considered an S-tier event for the anime FGC, and CEO Dreamland, which celebrates the entire Smash Bros franchise. A monthly series called Citrus Clash was also born as part of an effort to provide a qualifier for those competing in Red Bull's esports events.

CEO quickly achieved recognition as one of the biggest summertime celebrations of the fighting game community, alongside other prestigious tournaments such as Combo Breaker and Evolution, the latter of which is considered the annual championship event. It is now a cornerstone qualifier for a number of leagues such as the Capcom Pro Tour and the Tekken World Tour, among other circuits conceived in recent years.

Along with Evolution, media outlets have begun flocking to CEO as recently as 2016. As interest in the gaming industry continues to increase, more and more families are joining in on the festivities to support our competitors. They will be present at the Ocean Center this year to capture the experience shared by thousands of enthusiastic players.

Are you excited for CEO this year?! To learn more about the event, check out their website at

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