Online Tournament for @FantasyStrike coming at the end of June

Are you enjoying Fantasy Strike? If so, it may interest you to know that Sirlin Games is planning to launch an online tournament revolving around Fantasy Strike in about two weeks from now!

Fantasy Strike is currently in its early access phase, but it has already received incredibly strong praise from FGC enthusiasts everywhere, and even from gamers whose experience isn't too steeped in the genre. It is available only on Steam (PC), but will be making its way to the Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles later this year.

Details and signups for a Fantasy Strike online tournament will launch in two weeks, so it is recommended that you scoop up the game now and start practicing! Fantasy Strike is only $19.99 and can be purchased on Steam here.

What is Fantasy Strike? Developed by David Sirlin and his team at Sirlin Games, it's a fighting game that is incredibly easy to play, but difficult to get good at for higher levels of play. All moves can be performed with singular button presses, even special moves which would typically require a combination of directions and a specified attack input. That means that any controller can be used, from pads to keyboards to joysticks to even guitar-styled controllers!

Fantasy Strike also introduces a new ability called a Yomi Counter, which punishes an opponent's attempt at a throw by simply letting go of all your controls (in other words, doing nothing). Should a Yomi Counter be executed, you'll throw the opponent, deal significant damage, and instantly gain a full Super Meter. However, Yomi Counters are ineffective against special command throws and super throws.

Up to ten characters are playable in Fantasy Strike, and despite the simplicity of the game, they bring archetypes to the table that will appear to fighting game veterans while creating new approaches to gameplay. In addition to humans, you'll get to enjoy playing as a panda or a fish-like creature. How's that for a fascinating roster?

The game includes a tag team mode where players use teams of three characters to defeat opponents in a best three-of-five setting. The characters used are chosen at random before each match begins. Team battle is available online and offline. In addition, a ranked mode is in development and will be integrated into Fantasy Strike as its early access phase continues.

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