Over 2,000 attendants confirmed for #CEO2018! Registration remains open until June 19th.

We are two weeks away from the beginning of CEO 2018, but Alex Jebailey, head organizer of the event, has decided to reveal all the players who have signed up for the event, as well as what games each player has entered. However, brackets have not yet been made.

So far, the numbers appear to be incredibly encouraging. Up to 2,249 attendants in total have registered for CEO, and if Jebailey's prediction about additional registrations comes to be, that number could approach 3,000 by the time of closure, perhaps more than that.

You can view the full list of players here.

As for how many players each game will be hosting, keep in mind that up to seventeen different titles will be featured at CEO. As previously reported in this article, the Top 3 of that list were reported to be Dragonball FighterZ, Smash Wii-U (Singles) and Street Fighter V, in that exact order.

With Jebailey's update today, we can now take a look at the current numbers for each tournament game. Check it out:

- Smash Wii-U Singles: 479 Entrants
- Smash Wii-U Doubles: 46 Teams
- Dragonball FighterZ: 513 Entrants
- Street Fighter V: 406 Entrants
- Smash Melee Singles: 295 Entrants
- Smash Melee Doubles: 27 Teams
- Tekken 7: 251 Entrants
- Guilty Gear XRD Revelator 2: 117 Entrants
- Injustice 2: 95 Entrants
- DDR Extreme Pro: 85 Entrants
- Under Night In-Birth EXE Late(st): 83 Entrants
- Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo: 80 Entrants
- 3rd Strike: 65 Entrants
- Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: 61 Entrants
- Killer Instinct: 55 Entrants
- In The Groove 2 Customs: 54 Entrants
- Pump It Up Prime 2: 38 Entrants
- King of Fighters XIV: 31 Entrants
- Capcom vs. SNK 2: 27 Entrants

There's still time to get your name in there, but you will need to be quick, because after June 19th there will only be on-site registration on June 28th, and it is quite costly. You'll want to avoid that obstacle if you can, so to register for CEO 2018, simply visit here.

Of course, you'll understandably want to know why it is encouraged that you attend CEO, and you'll likely want more input than just, "It's a good event." Well, there's a multitude of reasons. Let's go over them one by one:

- instead of the Orlando Wyndham Resort, CEO is being held at the amazing Ocean Center in Daytona Beach this year. Attendants will have access to a 205,000-square foot space that comes with access to the nearby Ocean Walk Village Shoppes and a vast arena that can seat up to almost ten-thousand people. And naturally, the Ocean Center is located on the brink of the Atlantic Ocean, so you'll be able to spend some time soaking in the sun at nearby beaches!

- Jebailey's legendary boxing ring returns to CEO, but with a special surprise: CEO has partnered with New Japan Pro Wrestling to host up to sixteen hotshot wrestling icons in an event called When Worlds Collide. These stars will clash with one another in your dream match-ups. Should you wish to spectate the ticket, you must visit here to purchase a ticket. Also, see this article to learn which wrestling icons will be showcased.

- every year, the level of interest in CEO takes a climb up the mountain, and there has never been a year when the number of entrants took a nosedive. Established in 2010, it has attracted increasing amounts of attention from attendants and even the media. Over the years, more and more players from inside and outside the USA have flocked to Florida for CEO.

- CEO 2018 is proudly affiliated with a number of FGC circuits that will lead up to their yearly championships, and each circuit offers a pot bonus for their games at CEO. These include the Capcom Pro Tour, Tekken World Tour, the KI Ultra Tour, the Injustice 2 Pro Series, the SF30th Anniversary Tournament Series, and more!

And when does CEO take place?!

From June 29th to July 1st, the entire event will run its course at the Ocean Center. Make sure you follow @CEOGaming and @CEOJebailey on Twitter to stay informed on registration updates as well as a schedule and brackets (to be released eventually).

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