SuperHotGarbage wins #CellGames Week 6!

"Revenge is a dish best served cold," as an old saying goes.

Although "cold" may not be the most accurate term in this case, because after his first loss to FluxWaveZ in Winner's Semis, SuperHotGarbage went on a boiling rampage through the lower bracket, driven by the need to take vengeance.

Meanwhile, DawnOfTheAfro met with FluxWaveZ in Winner's Finals to take one step closer to seizing the crown for himself. Flux emerged victorious with a 3-1 win, earning himself a return trip to Grand Finals. After five weeks of placing in Top 8, it appeared that Flux was finally on the verge of winning the whole thing.

But SuperHotGarbage had a resounding denial in the works. After taking a victory against DawnOfTheAfro, he stormed his way into Grand Finals, where he dealt a crushing 3-0 blow to Flux's morale. Thrown off-kilter, Flux sought desperately to make a recovery while looking for the weaker points in Super's offense. He managed to find himself a win mid-set, but it did little to dissuade Super's domination.

In convincing fashion, SuperHotGarbage ended Flux's efforts of winning a weekly bracket, in turn winning Week 6 for himself. Congratulations to SuperHotGarbage for bringing about such a resounding conclusion to the circuit!

Cell Games Week 6 Results.png

Winner: SuperHotGarbage
Prizes: $150 and 150 league points

2nd Place: FluxWaveZ
Prizes: $75 and 125 league points

3rd Place: DawnOfTheAfro
Prizes: $50 and 100 league points

4th Place: Slay
Prizes: 75 league points

5th Place: OrochiFame96
Prizes: 50 league points

5th Place: 0o-Fibonacci-o0
Prizes: 50 league points

Prizes: 50 league points

7th Place: TheWayneNumber1
Prizes: 50 league points

With the completion of Week 6, that leaves us with only the season finale for Cell Games, which is scheduled to take place this Friday, June 8th. There, the finalists will have an approximate $3,000 prize pool split across the entire bracket, with varying amounts to be awarded in correlation to their placing.

Due to the absence of some of our staff this last weekend, however, we have yet to fully finalize the eight players who have qualified for the finale. Once that information is compiled and set to go, we will publish an update! For the time being, be sure to follow, as that is where the finale will be broadcast!

Didn't get to watch the Week 6 finals? Click here to fix that!

It's been a pleasure to spend six amazing weeks with the Dragonball FighterZ community, as it was an amazing opportunity to watch players evolve beyond their current levels! We thank all of you for your resounding support of the series, and we sincerely hope that you will join us this Friday to see the ultimate conclusion to Cell Games!

Thanks go out to @MisterAquaman and @ultradavid for providing commentary throughout Week 6. Make sure to give both gentlemen a follow on Twitter.

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