Licensed Gamecube Controllers for #NintendoSwitch in production

After the Nintendo Switch became available for purchase, it received an update that allowed the console to recognize Gamecube controllers via the GCN adapter. However, that update was later retracted by Nintendo, who'd claimed that it was "unintentional."

This week, an interesting image surfaced via the Reddit forums. It depicts a pair of cases for controllers that sport a design similar to that of the Nintendo Gamecube controller, albeit with some adjustments to give it the ability to be utilized on the Switch. Even more interesting is that these controllers are officially licensed by Nintendo but being produced by PowerA.

According to Reddit user Mew_The_Creator, he says he's noticed these new controller designs being shipped to the facility where he works. He goes on to mention that Nintendo sent these items over to the facility in order to produce the product layout for stores, so while the cases themselves don't contain the controllers, the product itself is confirmed.

The Reddit post containing the image seen in the above Twitter post can be found here.

Should this product release by the end of the year, players looking to pick up the new Smash Bros title coming to the Switch this year will have an additional option when it comes to their controller of choice. Furthermore, it may render the need for a GCN adapter irrelevant.

Further details including a release date have yet to be available at this time, but we will be observing closely. In the meantime, if you wish to check out PowerA's merchandise, visit


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