Season Finale for #CellGames locked in.

It is our pleasure to announce that the bracket for the Cell Games Season Finale has been finalized.

After six long weeks of competitive play, up to eight champions have accrued enough league points to qualify for the conclusion to Cell Games. Below is a graphic depicting the final Top 8 in the standings, as well as how many points each player has earned as a result of their efforts.

Cell Games Top 8.png

As a result of SuperHotGarbage's victory in Week 6, he has elevated all the way into the Top 3, and just in the nick of time, as he is now set to compete in the finale for an approximate $3,000 prize pool.

Despite never winning a bracket, FluxWaveZ has demonstrated admirable consistency throughout the entirety of Cell Games. With the exception of Week 3, he has placed in just about every Top 8 bracket possible, finishing in Top 2 up to three times. This aided him to finish Cell Games with the highest amount of league points...525, to be exact.

Fame96 only participated in half the circuit, but two bracket victories, along with a Top 8 finish, have propelled him to second place with 350 league points. Aarondamac has also been sighted regularly in Top 16 and Top 8 throughout every week except the last two, and his consistency has led him to finish in 4th with 270 points.

BxA odfullauto had a rough start in Week 1, but his bracket victory in Week 2 led to a strong recovery on his part. Since then, he has been sighted making Top 16 and Top 8 for all future weeks, barring Week 6. These results have awarded him a 5th place finish with 245 points, whereas Slay trails him at 6th place by only ten points via similar results.

Mikeand1ke, out of the entire Top 8, is the only player who has earned league points from literally every week throughout Cell Games, with two large chunks being scooped up via Top 8 finishes in Weeks 2 and 4. However, at the halftime period, DawnOTheAfro started causing considerable damage to his opponents, and he achieved his best result in Week 6 by finishing in third place. This abrupt turn of events would leave him and Mike tied for 7th place in the standings, with 205 league points apiece.

In light of this stalemate, a tiebreaker match was played by Mikeand1ke and DawnOfTheAfro to determine who would be the seventh and eighth seeds in the finale. The tiebreaker was ultimately won by Afro, thus marking him as the seventh seed and Mike the eighth seed.

The finalized bracket for the finale can be seen here at SmashGG.

So...who will take it all and become the Cell Games Season Champion?! The answer to that question will be offered this Saturday, June 9th, so be sure you tune in to at that time to enjoy a long day full of high-level Dragonball FighterZ!

Like with Week 6, Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu will be banned from the finale, as both characters were released at a date too close to the end of the circuit. We apologize for any inconvenience. Bardock and Broly remain legal, however.

As previously mentioned, the season finale will offer a prize pool of up to $3,000 that will be split across all finalists. See below for the payout scale.

First Place: $1,000
Second Place: $750
Third Place: $500
Fourth Place: $250
Fifth Place: $150
Seventh Place: $75

We sincerely congratulate our eight finalists for their qualification into the finale! It has been a pleasure to witness their paths through our brackets, as well as that of other players, and we sincerely appreciate everyone's viewership and support of the series! We hope you will join us this Saturday for the big send-off to Cell Games!

Want to relive the past six weeks of Cell Games? You can check out our YouTube page, as we make it a point to store all our tournament footage there! Alternatively, you can search through the archives at the StreamMe DBZ page.

Find out who will become the Cell Games Champion, next time...on Dragonball FighterZ!

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