Character Packs 2 and 3, plus Yang Xiao Long from #RWBY, will be available in #BBTAG on June 19th

BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle is finally available worldwide on the Nintendo Switch, PS4 and Steam platforms.

As you may recall, a roster of forty characters has been planned for the game. The base roster consists of only half that amount, but additional characters are slated to arrive in packs of three, with the exception of two that will be released individually.

Along with BlazBlue's launch, Character Pack 1 is available as a free download. This pack contains three characters, each from a different franchise in the universe of anime fighters: Platinum the Trinity from BlazBlue, Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4 Arena, and Orie from Under Night In-Birth.

It's important to note, however, that Character Pack 1 will be free for up to two weeks after the launch date. Once that time period elapses, it will come with a price tag of $4.99, as will also be the case for subsequent packs to be released.

Speaking of which, we won't have to wait long for the next round of DLC fighters to join the fray. As recently announced in ArcSystem's latest episode of ArcLive, the following content will be made available on June 19th: Character Pack 2, Character Pack 3, and Yang Xiao Long from RWBY!

Character Pack 2 consists of the following characters: Aegis from Persona 4 Arena, Carmine from Under Night In-Birth, and Jubei from BlazBlue. Character Pack 3 will add Vatista from Under Night In-Birth, Hakumen from BlazBlue, and Naoto Shiragane from Persona 4 Arena.

Both packs will be available for $4.99, but Yang Xiao Long, along with Blake Belladonna (whose release date has yet to be announced), will be available as a free download at all times.

With their release, it will bring the existing roster up to 30 characters, leaving room for another ten characters to be added in. Stay tuned for updates as to when these characters arrive.

Should you wish to give the game a go for yourself, visit the link below that corresponds to your platform of choice to download the product. The basic version charges for $49.99, whereas the deluxe edition costs $69.99 but comes with all downloadable content.

Playstation Store - BBTAG
Nintendo eShop - BBTAG
Steam Store - BBTAG

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