In an act of generosity, @NuckleDuDang is sending @RRealistic to #EVO2018!

An act of unparalleled generosity unfolded in the fighting game community just yesterday, courtesy of the Capcom Cup 2016 Champion, NuckleDu.

Back in April, NuckleDu announced on Twitter that he would be sending a player of his choosing out to Evolution 2018, which is due to take place at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino next month. He initially planned to announce his chosen player a week after, but for unspoken reasons, the announcement was delayed.

However, as of yesterday, he has reached a decision as to who he will be sending to EVO. That player is @RRealistic, an Ibuki specialist who streams Street Fighter V on a regular basis!

The bombshell dropped unexpectedly while he was in the midst of streaming a session in SFV's training mode, and his reaction will undoubtedly stir some emotion in you.

This goes to show that NuckleDu is not only a Street Fighter champion, he is also a champion of the people. Underneath the hunger for competition lies a sense of unity among the fighting game community, whether you are new blood or a veteran.

Our sincerest congratulations go out to RRealistic, and we hope he enjoys his time at EVO next month!

If you yourself are interested in EVO, it is an annual celebration of the fighting game genre that is also considered the equivalent of the Super Bowl. Every summer, the best fighting game players in the world converge in Las Vegas, Nevada to compete for the right to be called the EVO World Champion in a fighting game of their choosing.

The event launched over a decade ago, and it has since expanded to cover titles developed by multiple companies such as Capcom, NetherRealm Studios, ArcSystemWorks, and even Nintendo. In 2016, EVO gained its first taste of exposure via the ESPN2 television network, thus giving the entire world, including those not associated with the FGC, their first glimpse at the timeless energy captured by the magic of fighting games. That feat repeated itself in 2017, except Disney XD also provided live coverage of the Smash 4 finals along with Street Fighter V.

For the first time since its inception, EVO made a recent expansion to Japan six months ago to host the first ever EVO Japan in Tokyo. Up to seven games were crowned for seven different games at Tokyo's Akiba Square. The event is set to make a return next year in Fukuoka, and more details regarding this development are set to drop at EVO's headliner event next month (more on that here).

EVO 2018 takes place on August 3-5, 2018. For more information, follow @EVO on Twitter and visit

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