Watch the #ELEAGUESFV 2018 Finals and the @BattleFy Grand Championship Playoffs this Friday, July 13th!

The ELEAGUE SFV 2018 Invitational is winding down to a close this Friday, as is the BattleFy SFV Open series hosted in conjunction with ELEAGUE.

Throughout the month of June, up to twenty-four Street Fighter players, two of which qualified in a live-action series called SFV The Challenger, engaged in viciously competitive matches against one another. These matches were shared with the world via both ELEAGUE's social media networks and the TBS television network. The action unfolded at ELEAGUE's majestic arena at Atlanta's Turner Studios.

All eight finalists for the ELEAGUE championship playoffs have been locked in. Among them is last year's returning champion - Echo Fox Punk. The others are as follows:

- Echo Fox Momochi
- Echo Fox Tokido (EVO 2017 Champion)
- ProblemX
- CAG Dogura
- Fujimura
- Daigo Umehara
- RISE Smug

According to, the opening bracket for the finals is as follows:

Match 1: Tokido versus Punk

Match 2: Problem X versus Daigo Umehara

Match 3: Dogura versus Momochi

Match 4: Smug versus Fujimura

Along with bragging rights, a $250,000 prize pool will be up for grabs in the playoffs. This pool will be split between all eight finalists at varying amounts, with the highest share naturally going to the winner. Keep a close eye on the TBS Network this Friday evening to see who will be crowned the ELEAGUE SFV 2018 Champion.

Before the playoffs take place, however, the spotlight falls upon two players who have fought their way to the grand finals of the ELEAGUE x BattleFy Open series. Over the past two months, players from the Eastern and Western USA competed online in a two-season series for their shares of a $50,000 prize pool, while acquiring league points to ascend through the BattleFy standings.

The players holding the most points would advance to a season finals for their region. The winners of the Season 2 finals for the BattleFy series will be flown to ELEAGUE's arena in Atlanta for a final showdown, where the winner will be crowned the ELEAGUE x BattleFy Open Champion.

- from the Western USA comes Milky "Samurai" Chea, one of thirty-two players to have qualified for Capcom Cup 2016, which marked Street Fighter V's first display in the Capcom community's trademark championship series. Formerly a Ryu specialist, he made the switch to Akuma in Season 2, and is currently regarded as one of the strongest competitors in the West Coast.

- from the Eastern USA, Shine NYC a.k.a. 3Dolla has qualified for the BattleFy x ELEAGUE finals. His roster consists solely of female characters, though it appears his Karin has been made the focus of his lineup. He has regularly attended FGC events across the East Coast, and his latest appearance at ELEAGUE's arena will mark a milestone in his competitive career.

Both Samurai and 3Dolla will compete in the finals playoffs for the ELEAGUE x BattleFy Open at the ELEAGUE arena this Friday, before the SFV Invitational kicks off live on TBS and social media. The winner will receive $9,000, whereas the runner-up will take home $5,000.

We're looking at a weekend full of non-stop Street Fighter action unfolding in Atlanta this weekend, and you're courteously invited to take a front-row seat to the action! If you reside in Atlanta and would prefer to watch it all in person, you can grab your ticket to the ELEAGUE arena at this page.

Last year's Street Fighter invitational by ELEAGUE became the second most-viewed esports event on national television, reaching 335,000 total viewers and 183,000 in the 18-49 age division. Viewer counts saw a consistent increase through the second half of the program. Only the Counter-Strike finals at ELEAGUE surpassed the SFV invitational in terms of viewers.

Statistics for its 2018 season have yet to surface.

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