Interview Series with #SmashBrosUltimate Director, Masahiro Sakurai, is live on the #NintendoSwitch News Channel

The first of a five-part interview series with Masahiro Sakurai, director for the upcoming title called Super Smash Bros Ultimate, went live on the Nintendo News Channel for the Nintendo Switch. If you own the console right now, you can log on to the News Channel to give it a look.

If you have yet to become an owner of the Switch, news outlets across the Internet have got you covered in that regard.

Below is a video summary of the interview with Sakurai provided by the GameXplain YouTube channel, which goes into detail on what is highlighted in the interview. The topics include:

- new mechanics to be featured in Smash Ultimate
- newcomers Inkling and Ridley
- the balance between casual and competitive play
- the relevance of items
- the new camera effects for gameplay

Check it out, as it is definitely worth the watch if you're anticipating Smash Ultimate's arrival.

The video summary is heavily inspired by a collaboration with Nintendo Everything, a blog site with a focus on all Nintendo-related news including the Smash Bros franchise. They obtained a complete transcript of the interview as seen on the Nintendo News Channel, and that transcript can be found here. As the video above neglected to cover some of the details mentioned in the interview, it's recommended to read through it.

We will provide updates as additional segments of Smash Ultimate's Special Interview series becomes available.

What is Smash Ultimate? It is the latest iteration of Super Smash Bros, an incredibly popular franchise that brings together Nintendo's characters, along with third party characters, in a setting where they all clash with one another across a series of maps that remain faithful to the franchises from which they came, while items occasionally fall into the fray. The franchise was birthed with its first title, Smash 64, for the Nintendo 64 in 1999.

While Smash's initial goal was to cater to a casual audience, hardcore competitive communities have sprung to life from the creation of the particular, the Smash Melee and Wii-U communities. Both communities have spun together incredible storylines that will forever touch the lives of all involved, be it competitors, TOs, streamers, etc.

Smash Ultimate is truly the ultimate Smash game brought to life, as it will feature every fighter that has appeared in any entry of the Smash Bros franchise. Along with them, some familiar stages (such as Green Greens and Pokemon Stadium from Smash Melee) are returning from the dead.

Furthermore, with Nintendo's recent decision to provide esports support for their titles, Sakurai and his development team are seeking to create a title that will retain its goal of remaining an enjoyable title on the casual side, but will also throw a bone to the competitive audience. This is made evident by factors such as increasing the damage output in one-to-one matches as opposed to free-for-all, as well as adjustments to the "tempo" that the game will follow. While not as fast-paced as Melee, it's definitely faster than the pace that Smash Wii-U currently plays at.

The best part about all of this? Smash Ultimate will be available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, a console that can be played at home and on the highway. No longer will players be required to make the trip home before beginning practice sessions. They can now do so on a whim, regardless of their location.

Smash Ultimate was initially announced during a Nintendo Direct in March and later again during E3 2018 in June. The product will launch worldwide on December 7th, 2018.

Content regarding Smash Ultimate is uploaded daily to, where you can also go to pre-order your copy of the game. Also included is the official theme for the game, which is definitely worth treating your ears to.

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