Dragon Radar Events announced for #DBFZ World Tour. Canada Cup 2018 (#CC2018) to be first Dragon Radar event.

Last Friday, Bandai Namco announced the newest staple to the DBFZ World Tour, called the Dragon Radar Events.

Dragon Radar Events are held exclusively offline at designated locations, and all of them will share a similar prize to be bestowed upon the winner: a flight to any Saga Event of their choosing with a hotel arrangement included. These accommodations will be distributed FOR FREE to the winners of Dragon Radar Events.

There are a total of seven Saga Events in the DBFZ World Tour, each of which will award the winner a spot in the DBFZ World Tour Finals in January 2019. A $5,000 prize pool is also included with each Saga Event. The first of these events, CEO, ran its course over two weeks ago, leaving us with six Saga Events to look forward to.

While the complete list of Dragon Radar Events has yet to be drawn up, the first of these events was announced not long ago. That event is Canada Cup 2018, which takes place near the end of October at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Canada.

Up to over $50,000 in prize pools will be up for grabs at Canada Cup, which will be run via partnership between Canada Cup Gaming and EGLX. In addition, the winner of their Dragonball FighterZ bracket will be flown out to any Saga Event of their choosing for free.

If you play Dragonball FighterZ and are hoping for your chance to shine in the DBFZ World Tour, you can hit up this page to sign up for Canada Cup!

For more information on the DBFZ World Tour, visit www.dbfzworldtour.com.

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