Top 8 Update for #WarOfTheGods S3 Week 5

Our Week 5 finalists for War of the Gods Season 3 have been locked in!

For those unaware, we rescheduled the Week 5 preliminaries to yesterday evening due to the IPS Online West brackets taking place today. If you did not get to tune in to our latest broadcast, we have the archives ready for your enjoyment at the endpoint of this article.

In the meantime, we'll give you some foresight on what to expect from Week 5's Top 8, which is guaranteed to introduce a fresh flavor of gameplay to the fold. One factor to take note of is that the Week 4 champion, Noble Semiij, was actually eliminated before he could claw his way back into the Top 8. Since the inception of our NRS events starting with the Kombat Cup, this marks the first bracket where Semiij will not be spotted in its Top 8, thus shattering a record that had long been set in stone.

PG Hayatei and DF Grr are credited for this achievement, and both will be playing in the Week 5 Top 8 this incoming Wednesday, with Hayatei starting from the upper bracket and Grr from the lower bracket. Also worth noting that Grr is one of the only three players to have taken a bracket in Season 3 thus far, which means that the baton has been thrown back to him.

As well, Method SylverRye, our Week 2 champion, has successfully fought his way back into a Top 8 in War of the Gods, defeating Hero Killer Stain in Loser's Finals of his pool. Killer Stain himself, however, redeemed himself for his loss by taking out BigBlack to escape his pool from the Loser's side. Could a possible runback between the two be in their future?

The third pool in Top 32 was quite the wild card this week. After finishing in second place last week, Emperor Kombat, eager to redeem himself, stormed through his pool to make his return to the Top 8. A frustrated DsV Basics, who'd manage to outdo HZRDS Infiniti in the Starfire mirror, was left to await his challenge in Loser's Finals. That challenge would come in the form of Noble Rewind, who'd also been subjected to Kombat's volcanic mix-ups. Similar to his previous run, Rewind stuck to his Blue Beetle, which was quickly evolving from a work in progress to a threat on par with that of Deoxys. In spite of taking a win off his Beetle, Basics fell 1-3 to Rewind.

A crowd of familiar faces would be found in the final pool for Top 32. Among them were two of the strongest Batman players in the community: Nubcakes and Forever King. The former edged out HZRDS EMPEROR KNICKS 3-2 to escape his pool in the Winner's side, whereas King made an early entrance into Loser's. In spite of this, King fought his way to Loser's Finals for a runback with KNICKS, but once again he had no answer to KNICKS's gameplay. With a convincing 3-0 win, KNICKS added another Top 8 placement into his archive.

War S3 W5 Top 8.jpg

This fascinating bracket could end in one of two ways: the continuation of a win streak for either Grr or Rye, or the crowning of an all-new champion. Regardless of which side of the bracket you examine, only threats will be found.

Make sure to tune in this Wednesday at 8 P.M. Eastern Time to find out who will take Week 5 of War of the Gods Season 3! As per usual, the channel to follow is

As promised earlier, the archives for the Week 5 pools, split into two parts, are available below. Definitely check them out!

Not satisfied with your results from Week 5? We are taking sign-ups right now for Week 6, which takes place next weekend from July 22nd to the 25th! Visit here to register.

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