#Shine2018 comes to the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston MA on August 24-26, 2018!

The 2018 summer season for esports continues to heat up as we prepare to head into the month of August. The championship event for the fighting game community, Evolution 2018, is set to kick off at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay on the first weekend of August.

But even after EVO, the festivities will not end, for Smash enthusiasts will have another huge grassroots event to anticipate. That event is Shine 2018, which will be hosted by Big Blue Esports (@BigBlueGG) at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston, Massachusetts!

What is Shine 2018? It is the third iteration of a Smash-centric tournament series founded in 2016 by Big Blue that takes place regularly in the Boston area. While its focus revolves around delivering a series of stacked brackets to the Smash franchise as a whole, it has made a slight expansion in its lineup with the addition of Rivals of Aether, Street Fighter V, and most recently, Dragonball FighterZ!

Like with the Genesis brand in California, the majority of Shine's entrants consist of Melee and Smash Wii-U players. In 2016, almost a thousand players participated in Melee whereas approximately five-hundred entered Smash Wii-U, and around a hundred participants entered Smash 64 as well. In 2017, the number of players underwent a noticeable increase, with 1,156 participating in Melee Singles and 659 participating in Wii-U Singles.

Despite being a fairly young brand, Shine has quickly evolved into a monstrous esports sensation among the Smash community. In fact, as of this year, the event will be run in partnership with Nintendo, who has recently made the decision to fully embrace all forms of esports support for their titles.

Shine has also partnered with a broadcasting organization called @BeyondTheSummit, who recently hosted Smash Summit 6, a Melee invitational where Echo Fox Mew2King was crowned the victor; and Summit of Power, a 16-man DBFZ invitational that would be won by NRG HookGangGod. As a longtime supporter of the Smash community, BTS has been named the official broadcaster for the event this year.

The team that brought you Shine has made incredible strides in their effort to adapt to the growth of the Smash communities, and so Shine 2018 is shaping up to be their best package yet! The action will unfold over the course of a three-day weekend at the Seaport World Trade Center from August 24th to the 26th.

Regular registration for Shine 2018 currently charges for $70 plus a smaller fee for each game you wish to enter. That price will increase to $80 on July 22nd, so if you are interested in attending, head to smash.gg/shine-2018.

Unable to attend but want to help send one of your favorite players out to Shine? The event offers a Compendium where you are able to nominate any of the featured players at its SmashGG page while utilizing Twitter. For those who have already been voted into the Compendium, all purchases of Shine-related merchandise, or direct donations, will go towards aiding your chosen player's efforts to attend the event.

Deadline for voting players into the compendium is July 20th, and donations to those already voted in will be accepted up until July 27th.

To get started on helping your favorite player make the journey to Shine next month, check out their nomination page here, which also links to the Compendium.

For further updates concerning, please follow @Shine_Series and @BigBlueGG on Twitter.

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