"Argagarg Garg" Character Tutorial Video for @FantasyStrike

Planning to get into Fantasy Strike, but unsure of which character to start with?

Perhaps a tutorial video for one of its characters will help you to make a decision.

Today, Sirlin Games (developed for Fantasy Strike) released a spotlight video that breaks down the abilities for one of the game's ten characters: Argagarg Garg, a water shaman with the patience of a saint.

For those whose minds are flooded with fighting game terminology, they'll come to recognize Argagarg as a zoner character with long-ranged normal attacks and a variety of special moves geared towards a keepaway game. Argagarg also has the ability to poison his opponents, causing their life bars to decrease over time unless the opponent can score a hit.

The complete tutorial for Argagarg in Fantasy Strike can be seen in the video below.

Possibly more tutorials concerning the other fighters may be released in the future. Follow @FantasyStrike on Twitter to stay updated on their product!

Want to try it for yourself? Fantasy Strike is available in early access right now on Steam and will be released for the PS4 and Nintendo Switch platforms at a later date! Visit here to purchase your copy of the game right now and enjoy yourself!

For more information, head on over to www.fantasystrike.com.

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